Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire | Potter Week Day 4

Hello Potterheads and other people! Hope you are having a good day. I had a super hectic day at work plus had to do some extra time. I’m literally putting all my effort on typing and not crashing right on my laptop! It’s day 4 which means one of my favourites of the seven!

Potter Week Day 4 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Favourite Character – Cedric Diggory


Oh Cedric! When the movie came out my best friend was absolutely crazy about him and me being a staunch Potter fan had to pretend to not like him all the while harboring a crush on him.

Favourite Scene – The First Task

Hungarian Horntail-Harry Potter

This is strictly for how the sequence was depicted in the movie. It was completely different from the book but equally amazing, although it would have been better if the movie dragon hadn’t ruined the castle.

Favourite Trio Moment



Both the images are not a part of the movie but I can very well imagine Harry, Hermione and Ron having a laugh even though dark times lie ahead!

Favourite Object – Portkey

Hence proved that I’m the laziest blob of a human in the world. I mean I love driving but travelling makes me grumpy and tired.

Favourite Spell – Priori Incantatem


Yes, Harry actually shared some moments with his parents even though they were mere wisps but it was heartbreaking and what made me cry harder? Cedric asking Harry to take his body back. (Here I go again.. 😦 )

Favourite Creature – Sphinx


Well..I was going to go for dragons but then I remembered the sphinx in the maze! (If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about please DO read the book.)

Favourite Quote


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Thank you for dropping by you lovely people. And yes you are lovely each one of you because no matter what crap you had to deal with today you still have that smile on. So don’t let the muggles get you down and enjoy the day. 🙂 Love,


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