Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix | Potter Week Day 5

It’s Friday already can you believe that? It’s day 5 which means it’s the day for Order of the Phoenix favourites! The book was awesome obviously but how disappointing was the movie? Or am I the only one to think so? Anyway, because the time is less so let’s just jump into it.

Potter Week Day 5 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Favourite Character – Fred and George Weasley


The book was so dark and intense that a relief was needed every now and then and it was provided in the form of Fred and George Weasley. Miss you Fred. I love how J K Rowling can be serious as well as extremely witty in her writing.

Favourite Scene – Dumbledore and Voldemort’s Fight


Different than the book but it was the best scene of the movie. And the way Dumbledore combats is just AWESOME! But I truly truly wish they had shown the way it was in the book because that would have been a thousand times better that the movie duel.

Favourite Trio Moment – Emotional Range of a Teaspoon


Again some lighter moments were needed in the movie which was even darker than the book so this is fun moment is depicted perfectly in here.

Favourite Object – Extendable Ears

Extendable Ears - Harry Potter

I did want to pick enchanted galleons but it’s more or less same as a group chat so I went for Extendable Ears as there’s nothing better than snooping around and listening to stuff you are supposed to!

Favourite Spell – Legilimens

Imagine being able to go through someone’s mind! Probably somewhat similar to what Edward might feel all the time. But as much as I would enjoy being able to read somebody’s mind I would equally detest it being done to me so it’s probably better to learn occlumency as well!

Favourite Creature – Poltergeist


Never thought that Peeves, the poltergeist could be in my favourites ever but here he is! And you certainly can’t deny that we all cheered and rooted for his irritating tricks in the fifth book.

Favourite Quote


How I love her and her sass!

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I hope you have a lovely day and a lovelier weekend and thank you so much for dropping by! Also don’t forget to smile and spread happiness! 🙂 Love,



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