Easy Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy father’s day to all you gorgeous dads out there you guys are doing an absolutely amazing job! ❤

And all the non fathers, if you are still looking for a perfect gift idea, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. These might not be very mainstream ideas but I believe dads, being practical and all would prefer them much above the other stuff available out there. Or so I think. Anyway, let’s get rolling!


DIY Photo Frame

Whenever in doubt, go for a DIY. That’s my motto and really who doesn’t love a good old creative photo frame? Especially these two beauties below which you can find here and here respectively.  I quite love the simplicity of the second one.



Homemade Meal

On a sunday, all the dads would just want to sit back and relax. So what’s better than a lovely breakfast tray in bed? Or maybe his favourite lunch or dinner would be even better. Apart from that, you can do the household chores that your dad would otherwise do. That would give him more time to unwind.

Shopping Coupons

Another great idea is to get him some shopping coupons or getaway coupons. This way you not only have a quick gift ready at hand, he can also customise it according to his requirements. My dad for example rarely wear something that was gifted to him and prefer buying his own stuff.

Hobby Help

One of the best things you can actually do is to buy your father something related to his hobby. Nothing can be more fun than to pursue your hobby, specially when you have something new to play with. This idea is my personal favourite as I really want to gift my dad a Canon EOS 600D DSLR but unsurprisingly do not have funds for it. You could buy a book set, a barbecue grill or whatever he might truly enjoy.

What are you doing for your dad this father’s day?

I hope you find these ideas useful and thank you so much for dropping by my tiny corner. Have a great day my lovelies! 🙂 Love,


DIY Anniversary/ Valentines Day Emoji Chocolate Card

Hello Everybody! How are you all?

Out of all my posts, one of the most searched ones is the chocolate card. So when I made this emoji chocolate card a while back I knew I had to share it with u all. I absolutely adore emojis and my texts are usually full of them, quite literally. From there I took it to the next level and decided to use them in a card as well and if I say so myself it turned out pretty cute! The card itself it very easy to make all all you need is some time and some chocolates to eat while making it.


Stuff you’ll need:

2 Craft Paper/ Card Stock for Base (28 x 18 cm)

Glitter Pen (colour based on the above two sheets)

Yellow, Red and Blue Craft Paper

Heart Shaped Chocolates

Ruler, Glue and Scissors

First thing, cut out circles using yellow craft paper for the emojis (9 cm in diameter) and red craft paper for their mouths and hearts for their eyes. You can make as many as you like, I made just 3. Also cut out one huge heart.


Take two card stock or craft paper of size 28×18 cm, fold them in half along their length and paste the folded edges together. Now you’ll be left with four sticked together sheets of size 18×14 cm.


For the front, I used a simple heart eyes emoji. I pasted the cutouts and topped the hearts with heart shaped chocolates. So that it doesn’t look very plain I drew a border with a silver pen. (If you pick a light coloured sheet go for a darker pen.)

NOTE: Make sure to add some tape on the heart cut outs before sticking the chocolates so it doesn’t ruin the card later.


Basically the same thing is done for the rest as well and the images are very much self explanatory. You can do something more creative on the left sides other than pasting tiny smiley stickers all over. But I avoided that as the chocolates will already misshape the card. I so wish there was an emoji like the one below it’s adorable! ❤




So there, your card is complete already! Although I kept it pretty simple and bare, you can add more embellishments to it. Maybe a fancier border or some added lace or buttons and stuff.

I hope you liked it and if you create it I’d love to see your version! Thank you so much for dropping by my corner . Have a lovely day all you beautiful people! 🙂 Love,


7 Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts for Book Lovers

Aloha lovelies! Welcome to the laziest person’s lil blog! This was supposed to be up on Sunday but oh it was one of those lazy days when you just sleep and sleep some more. So I kept procrastinating until it was too late and now I’m here with a fun post very late.


I love Valentine’s day and if you happen to be single then don’t sulk. There are so many book boyfriends out there you could be reading about! So I’d already seen a plethora lovely posts for valentine’s day gifts for book lovers of amazing DIYs. What I wanted was these two together! And that’s exactly what I listed for today’s Super Seven Sunday post.

Bookish Arty Frame 


I came across this cute wall art at Cozy Cottage Cute and if I had a bit more space at home I would have made it for myself! It would make an interesting gift as well as easy one for craft lovers.

♥ Cloth Book Cover 


I have seen a lot many similar book covers but I picked the one at 33 Stitches simply for the gorgeous fabric they have used! And the bright popping colours make it a perfect valentine’s day gift for girls.

♥ A Cute Book Frame 


Well Rounded gave plain old boring photo frames a lovely twist by incorporating a hardcover as the frame. You can also make it into a wall art with a number of hardcover frames above your writing desk.

♥ Mini Book Necklace


Instead of looking for that perfect pendant make one of these by The Perfect Pear and your girl would be the happiest and you will save a lot of time and money!

♥ Valentine’s Day Cards 



How can I not add some bright and bookish cards into the mix? I love how basic they are with a clear message. The cards are by Brookegorell and Sylvias Stamping Place respectively.

♥ Book Clutch DIY 


Check out these most adorable book clutches by Sprinkle in Springs. Do I need to say anything? I’m making one of these for sure and never heading out without them! Yu can also make these with actual hardcover books like here.

♥ Comic Book Shoes 


Anomaly has the perfect tutorial for decoupage shoes. I don’t know about you ladies but I would love nothing more than my dying pair of sandals turned into these hotties! And while these comic book shoes are great but the historical romance book cover shoes below are plain mouth watering!

What are your plans for Valentine’s?

I hope you find the post useful and thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Love,


DIY Anniversary/ Valentines Day Chocolate Card

A happy Wednesday everyone! Wednesday feels like a semi weekend to me because half the week is gone and just half more to go, so the stress is less and no morning blues (not like the Mondays at least).  This month I’ll be completing one year on WordPress and as I was going through my posts  I realised that this post, which is a repost of an earlier one was very much neglected. But it is also one of the most excessively searched posts! So I thought that it did deserve another go when I have some more gorgeous followers to appreciate it.

Last year on my best friend’s  birthday I wanted to make something different than a regular card. So I combed through pinterest for some ideas. Its no surprise that there were tons of ideas but one of the best ones was this chocolate card where you put chocolates instead of words. But there was this tiny problem I faced – we do not get those chocolates in India. So I improvised with what I could get and here’s the result..tada!!


The card says: My (Bourneville), on this occasion kuch meetha ho jaye with (Dairy Milk). Let’s just have a (Kit Kat) break from everything and head out to a (Milky BAR) and have (Snakker)..You are such a (Temptation) to me and all I wanna do is (Munch) on you..I love how you (Perk) me up when I’m down and make me (Snickers)..You are the (Gems) of my heart and the only person for me in the entire (Galaxy)..with loads of love..truly yours, (Bar One). My friend simply adored this. After all who doesn’t love chocolates..?

Feel free to snoop around for more stuff! As always, thanks a ton for dropping by. 🙂 Love,


Seven DIY Votives To Brighten Up Winters

 Hello Everybody!!
With so much Christmas excitement and so many amazing blogmas going on I wanted to do something festive myself! And since winters are here too, I wanted it to be winter friendly as well. So I decided to pick out some amazing votive candle holders DIYs which can be perfect scattered around the place and they can also make pretty awesome Christmas gifts for those who like me prefer handmade stuff.
Ombre-Style Glittered Candle Holders

Oh my God I loved these so much that I’m definitely making them for myself. There are so many glitter votive DIYs out there but this ombre one is just so unique and pretty.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

Via homedit.com

Via hgtv.com

I doubt I’ll ever get it done the right way but as you can see , these candle holders are super bright and cheery and so easy to make. At least for those practiced with the art of nail polishes.

Striped Copper Votives
Apparently it’s not just Zoe Sugg whose obsessed with some pretty coppers. 😉 If you love anything copper or any other colour basically or if you are aiming for a classier gift, definitely go for this one.

Color Blocked Votive Candles

Shaker Containers Candle Holder

Strictly in the Christmas spirit this is a bonus DIY that I couldn’t help adding to the list. These shaker candles holders are super Christmasy, especially with the red ribbon and those cute bells!
Apparently I’m a total sucker for anything cute. 😀 So I hope you find this helpful, and have a great day, and loads of love to all! ❤

DIY Glass Jar Candle Holder/ Lamp


Hello everybody! I’m back with another DIY today! This is a quick and easy DIY which can be done in 15 minutes. Mostly suitable for Diwali or Christmas, but you can use it for any other day when you feel like lighting up a candle.


I happened to have a few empty jars of Nutella on me so I decided to try something I saw on Pinterest long back and it turned out so beautifully.


Material you will require:

A jar of course

Tealight candle/ diya

Newspaper cuttings


Scissors and fevicol

Mod Podge (optional)


Take the newspaper cuttings and start pasting them on the jar until the entire surface is covered. I did some layering using headline cuttings and some pictures but you can use anything you like.

You can add a layer of mod podge over it but even without it it worked out fine for me.

To make it look pretty even in the daylight loop a ribbon around the mouth and bottom of the jar and secure it with glue.

Now place the tealight candle in the jar and it’s all complete!


Light it up and enjoy the coziness with a loved one!

NOTE: Since the ribbon is not of much consequence when the candle is lit, opting for a bit of lace would be a better idea.

That’s all for today! Thank you so much for dropping by you lovely people. Have a great day! 🙂

DIY Paper Lantern


Hello everyone! Recently I went to a handcraft mela where I saw these beautiful lanterns. I knew that I’m going to make it no matter what. As Diwali is almost here I decided to give it a try and here is the result!


The materials you would require:

  • Handmade sheet
  • Cardboard
  • Tracing paper
  • Tassels (or thread to make them) and beads
  • Black poster colour and paint brush
  • Nail and Hammer
  • Scissors and Fevibond


Take four handmade sheets of A4 size. I picked yellow because of its festiveness. ( The colour and size totally depends on you.)

At a space of 1.5 inch from top and bottom draw a pattern of leaves and cut it out. I used a cutter and it took me ages, so it would be better if you have a puncher.

Now paste the strips of tracing paper behind the the cut outs.

At the centres I’ve drawn images of Ganesha but again you can draw whatever catches your fancy.

Now cut out borders from the cardboard of size 19 x 27cm that are 1cm in width. Cover these borders with the handmade sheets.

Using nail and hammer, punch 4 equally distanced holes on the edges of each side.


This is the part where I apologise for not clicking more pictures.

I hope you can deduce from the image how the thread is used to crisscross every two sides of the lantern until we get the box structure.

Tie the threads tightly at each end so the structure is not shaky. To make it more secure just glue the sides together.


I couldn’t find tassels in any shops so I made 4 of them. I also added a bead at top before attaching it to the bottom of each vertex.


Voila! The lantern is all ready! 🙂


It can also be used as a cute side table lamp if you want.

So I hope you like it and find it useful. And share your Diwali DIYs with me as well. Happy craft making all! ❤