7 Favourite Historical Romances Tropes

Hello everybody and Happy Friendship Day!

It is August already and you know what month it is?? The Romance Awareness Month! Now I don’t know from where and how it generated but being a historical romance devourer I had to do my bit. So I decided that each week I’ll read at least a book by a new to me HR author. And do HR related Super Seven Sundays. The first week turned out to be very successful as I started Secrets series by Anne Mallory. And for today for the Super Seven Sunday I’m doing my super seven tropes in historical romances!

For beginners, according to Wikipedia, the word trope has also come to be used for describing commonly recurring literary and rhetorical devices, motifs or clichés in creative works. There are so many tropes out there and frankly I love them all (except a few maybe?). But if I had to pick my favourites, they would be these in no specific order:

Marriage of Convenience

I don’t know why but I love this trope the most. As the name obviously suggests, two people get married just for mutual benefit. Then slowly they start to see each other’s better sides, the one they find desirable but being too stubborn and holding on to their vow of being in just marriage of name, they resist each other until the inevitable occurs and they find themselves crazily in love! Unsurprisingly, my favourite historical romance novel falls under this trope!


Devil In Winter

Rakes and Rogues

There’s something really heady about a dangerous man with a wicked wit, who when meets the right woman literally and figuratively falls on his knees for her. It’s funny when all the mamas want to keep their daughters away from the rake with a horrible reputation but secretly wish to get him married to the same daughter.

When He Was Wicked

When He Was Wicked

Non Tonnish

Reading about the ton sometimes gets a bit monotonous so not only is it refreshing when one of the protagonist is from the non tonnish background but also it gives me a high when they break some society rules to be with the one they truly love. It’s important to remember that to have a Happily Ever After is possible for everybody from a Duke to a lowly shop girl.

Any Duchess Will Do

Any Duchess Will Do

Tortured Hero/ Heroine

It’s a no brainer really. Usually one or both hero and the heroine has suffered some kind of tragedy in the past which makes them unable to trust people or open up or fall in love. Therefore, it’s all the more sweeter when they struggle against the self-created barriers getting over their pain and past fears to be completely with the one they love.

The Highwayman

The Highwayman


Ah! Never forget boys that the overlooked girls are always the gems! Being a wallflower simply means that the lady doesn’t fit into the standard moulded by the rigid society. It’s such fun to read about such woman and how they finally find a man who recognizes their true richness. And that’s why not surprisingly The Wallflower Series by Lisa Kleypas is my favourite!


The Secrets of a Summer Night

Villainous Heroes

I don’t know about you people and you might think me crazy but this trope is almost a fetish for me. I swear to God I love nothing more than a man- a bad man whose a danger to all but that one woman he’s absolutely in love with. That he would literally kill if his lady love is in danger. In my brain I know that a real man like would be a bit psychotic but in literature he’s the kind of man I would want!


Duke of Sin

Lost/ Mistaken/ Hidden Identities

These I believe are the most fun to read! When one of the protagonists is mistaken to be someone else or hides some other entity maybe just for fun or maybe it’s a secret that will rock the ton who knows? But there are bound to be many situational hilarious moments and confusions that I as a reader know about but can’t wait for that other person to find out!


Seven Secrets of Seduction

Well these were my favourites and what are yours? Is there a combination that you love even more?

If you ask me marriage of convenience with a rake makes a deadly combination! So I hope you enjoy the list and I’ll see you very soon. Have a lovely Sunday and happy romancing! 🙂 Love,



7 TV Shows I Want To Watch

Hello Everyone!

How’s your sunday going? And what are the plans for coming week? Me, I’m in bed crippled with tummy cramps. If you are wondering why I’m super late this Sunday then you should know that I get distracted easily and this time it was Justin Bieber’s Sorry video, the girls in it are so AMAZING! Then I started watching dance tutorials of the same and you should go for it if you want to get fitter. Then I watched Fifth Harmony’s Work From Home a multiple times just for the hot guys in the background. Then I put in a lot of time changing the logo of my blog. I quite like this one and I think it’s perfect this time.

As for the my plans for this week, I’m going to do loads of binge watching. I am not much of a TV person and I don’t remember when I watched a movie or some sitcom. But yesterday I downloaded three movies and watched them back to back. That’s crazy, for me. So I’ve decided as long as I’m in this mode, I might as well catch up with some TV shows that I should have watched ages ago!

Game of Thrones


Yes I haven’t yet seen it and I’m perfectly fine. See? You won’t really die if are not watching it. Trust me I almost feel pressurized to watch Game of Thrones and I really don’t do very well under pressure. It’s not that I don’t want to watch, but it really puts me off something when people go gaga over it. I swear George RR Martin has killed more than anyone till date and that’s just in five books with two more to go. I’ll watch it some day. In future.

Downton Abbey


If you haven’t noticed how much I enjoy historical romances then you haven’t been paying attention people. It implies my love for anything before the second world war therefore it goes without saying that I utterly enjoy period dramas. Plus Downton Abbey has Maggie Smith in it with her beautiful accent. I love the British accent and  I know there are many although  can’t differentiate and tell which is which I do love them all.



Two of my very good friends have been pushing me to watch Suits for years now. But as you know what a lazy ass I am I’ve succeeded in avoiding it till now. And suddenly I find myself very much interested in watching it. You guys just won’t believe my crazy mood swings. Or maybe I’m just PMSing. But anyway I’ll take the most of it and at least download it for later! 😛

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


I’ve heard such great reviews for this show it’s unbelievable. Even if not for that I’d still be curious about the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Because first, it’s a comedy and everyone wants some humour in their gruelling schedules and second, given the summary – a woman decides to start a new life in New York being rescued after 15 years from a doomsday cult – one would suppose it to be a drama or a dark comedy but it’s a sweet and uplifting comedy.

The Walking Dead


I am very picky about the horror movies or shows that I watch because frankly some of them are really stupid and others way too gory for my taste. The only reason I’ve avoided it this far is the latter one. But with this show I do have it on good authority that both the horror and the gore are well deserved for the places. So let’s see when I come around to watching this one.

Pride and Prejudice


I’m actually going to binge watch this tomorrow as I feel too sick to go to work. Sometime back I watched the Keira Knightley’s Pride and Prejudice movie and almost all of the reviews I read mentioned how the 1995 mini series is much more in sync with the book. So I think it’s high time I watched it and reviewed it myself! From this image I can say that even the casting is more accurate than the movie.



I do have a reason for not watching Sherlock. It’s just that I’m not sure how much I’ll like it after Robert Downey’s take on the same character. But the fact that it’s set in the present time must definitely give it a different look and not for the worse going by the reviews. My sister tells me Dr. Watson actually writes a blog.

How many of these have you seen?And how did you like them?

I’m sure by now you positively consider me a lunatic for not watching some or most of these. Trust me it’s not my fault. I’m more inclined to open a book than sit down for some TV time.  I hope you enjoyed the list and if you think I need to add something here let me know!

Have a great day/ night! 🙂 Love,


7 Literary Villains I Love to Hate

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday. Me, I dozed all day long, on and off of course. I had to get up to take my meals. It’s almost half past ten and after finishing this post I’m going to wash a bucket full of clothes. Life is mundane and tiresome and I’m only twenty three. Coming to this weeks Super Seven Sunday, you know there are many kinds of villains. The redeemable ones, the inner softy ones, the ones we couldn’t care less about. And then there are those who are pure evil. Today I have for you my list of the most detestable villains and I truly hate hate them all.


Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter series by JK Rowling)


Of all the villains I’ve read about, she really takes the cakes! It was a tough battle between her and Lord Voldy for the top position but as you can see she won and rightly so.

Voldemort (Harry Potter series)


I didn’t want to put two characters from the same books but really Voldemort and Umbridge are the most horrible people out there in books. He’s plain cruel and kills for fun and won’t even flinch before hurting a baby and that definitely enlists him on this list.

Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones series by George R R Martin)


She’s cunning, wicked, cold and mercurial and somewhat of a psychopath. In fact she get’s her husband killed so that her son, whom she conceived with her twin brother, could be the greatest king ever. Need I say anything more??

George Wickham (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen)


He’s not exactly the meanest or the most vicious villain in literature but his the kind of man we all loathe. Charming and gentlemanly on the outside but hideously wicked on the inside who tricks people and spread false and ugly rumours about good people.

Amy (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn)


Amy is scary as f**k and I wouldn’t ever want to come across her. She’s the biggest game player out there and could easily manipulate you into buying a trash bag for 10 dollars. She can go to any lengths just to make her point – even killing people, while appearing the innocent all the time.

Which villain do you hate the most? Is there someone who should have been on this list?

 I hope you enjoyed the list and thank you so much for dropping by! 🙂 Love,


Super Seven Lisa Kleypas Heroes

I think this was the most difficult post I’ve EVER done till date. I struggled a lot with my options as I couldn’t decide whom I wanted more on the list. But damn, Lisa Kleypas has got some majorly hot and amazing heroes and narrowing them to seven was super difficult!

7. Logan Scott (Because You’re Mine)


The lead actor and director of the Capitol, Logan might appear strict but he’s adored by everyone. Although this is not one of the most famous books, this happens to be one of my favourite ones! And Logan is such a sweetheart when (he’s not insecure). I love how jealous he is of others when Maddy smiles at them. And it does not make me twisted in any sense.

6. Leo Hathaway (Married by Morning)


matt bomer

I never thought Leo could be on this this list when I read Mine Till Midnight but he redeemed himself so well and just wormed his way into my heart. I don’t know how Cat resisted his proposal so much when I would have said yes a hundred times over even before he proposed me! With his humorous nature he tries to hide his true intense passionate self and God I adore him for it!!

5. Simon Hunt (Secrets of a Summer Night)


I may not have liked him much on my first read but the second time I read the book I cursed myself for not paying proper attention the first time. A cynical self made man (who happens to be a butcher’s son), he’s strong and broad shouldered but with the love of his life Annabelle he’s so protective and passionate<..sighs..>!

4. Gage Travis (Sugar Daddy)


Talk about hot and confident as hell and self assured and de-li-cios-ly SEXY!! If I were to stand in front of him I would certainly melt down into a worthless puddle. We might have known him for a short time in the book but trust Ms Kleypas to make a character so hypnotic to last in our minds forever. Surprisingly the only contemporary hero on my list!

3. Cam Rohan (Mine Till Midnight)


Ian Somerhalder, Gotham Magazine, November 1, 2009

Sue me if he’s not the finest piece of ass (historical one at that) you ever read about! Cam is an exotically handsome gypsy and in many ways he’s very different that the other heroes. The fact that he’s a roma itself sets him apart. His way of thinking, his easy going nature, the assured pursuit of Amelia just won me over. And yes, he’s got a real charming way with words as compared to the rest of the heroes.

2. Derek Craven (Dreaming of You)



If not for my insane love for Sebastian, Derek would very well have been on number one. He is what they would call  a bad, bad boy but he’s one of the most tortured heroes of Kleypas. He’s another self made hero and what I love the most about him is the way he falls for Sara..and the way he protects her..Oh my God it’s stuffy in my room..

1. Sebastian StVincent (Devil in Winter)



I’ve got just one word for my love..P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N! Not to say that he’s a perfect person, you won’t find a single character who’s perfect in a Kleypas book but the way he’s described, nobody could be better trust me. Beneath his rakish facade is a kind, generous man whose loneliness has driven him to extreme lengths. And it’s so touching to see his difficulty in understanding his love for Evie and the way he reacts to it. His utterly complete adoration and devotion to Evie is the most mind blowing thing ever!

So let’s just take a few deep breaths here and read something tame before I evaporate here. Lisa Kleypas is undoubtedly the queen of best heroes out there! If you haven’t read her books I suggest you come out of whatever rock you are living beneath and read them. I hope you enjoyed this post and see you again soon! 🙂 Love,


7 Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts for Book Lovers

Aloha lovelies! Welcome to the laziest person’s lil blog! This was supposed to be up on Sunday but oh it was one of those lazy days when you just sleep and sleep some more. So I kept procrastinating until it was too late and now I’m here with a fun post very late.


I love Valentine’s day and if you happen to be single then don’t sulk. There are so many book boyfriends out there you could be reading about! So I’d already seen a plethora lovely posts for valentine’s day gifts for book lovers of amazing DIYs. What I wanted was these two together! And that’s exactly what I listed for today’s Super Seven Sunday post.

Bookish Arty Frame 


I came across this cute wall art at Cozy Cottage Cute and if I had a bit more space at home I would have made it for myself! It would make an interesting gift as well as easy one for craft lovers.

♥ Cloth Book Cover 


I have seen a lot many similar book covers but I picked the one at 33 Stitches simply for the gorgeous fabric they have used! And the bright popping colours make it a perfect valentine’s day gift for girls.

♥ A Cute Book Frame 


Well Rounded gave plain old boring photo frames a lovely twist by incorporating a hardcover as the frame. You can also make it into a wall art with a number of hardcover frames above your writing desk.

♥ Mini Book Necklace


Instead of looking for that perfect pendant make one of these by The Perfect Pear and your girl would be the happiest and you will save a lot of time and money!

♥ Valentine’s Day Cards 



How can I not add some bright and bookish cards into the mix? I love how basic they are with a clear message. The cards are by Brookegorell and Sylvias Stamping Place respectively.

♥ Book Clutch DIY 


Check out these most adorable book clutches by Sprinkle in Springs. Do I need to say anything? I’m making one of these for sure and never heading out without them! Yu can also make these with actual hardcover books like here.

♥ Comic Book Shoes 


Anomaly has the perfect tutorial for decoupage shoes. I don’t know about you ladies but I would love nothing more than my dying pair of sandals turned into these hotties! And while these comic book shoes are great but the historical romance book cover shoes below are plain mouth watering!

What are your plans for Valentine’s?

I hope you find the post useful and thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Love,


Romantic Inexpensive Date Ideas

Hello everybody! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it does make one wish to go out and have some. As it so happens I also have an exam that day. So instead of planning something here’s the next best thing that I could do. I asked loads of my friends and listed the best romantic ideas that won’t hurt your pockets too much!

Homey Dinner Date


Frankly my dears, nothing is more romantic than cooking food for your partner. Or so I think. So bring out those scented candles and put on some cute decorations. That is, sprinkle some rose petals, get the fairy lights out and enjoy the meal with some great music!

Rooftop Romance


Just shift your dinner date up to the rooftop! Do take your comfy quilt and light up the area with candles and fairy lights. After the meal you can simply enjoy lying back and watching the stars. Also if you live near seaside you can always opt for a beach for this setting!

Movie Date Night


Go on a movie binge and watch the movies you both love with loads of popcorns and ice cream floats. And do not forget that snugly blanket. And if you are as nerdy as I am, you are going to have a blast with Harry Potter movie marathon or Lord of the Rings!

Long drive


Pack some snacks and a bottle of wine (juice really, wine just sounds more sophisticated) and hit the road! Check out some cute places along the way and end it with a picnic. Strictly avoid crowded places and if you live in places like Delhi (those damned jams) start early in the morning!

Hike it Up


One of my favourite options is to go for a long walk in a park or some other historical place and enjoy an amazing picnic under the shade of a tree. Nothing’s better than a stroll hand in hand and talks of all kind of nonsensical stuff.

Go Camping


In your back garden! Pitch up your tent and get a bonfire going. Make a grand dinner together and have loads of tea and and enjoy snuggling in a blanket!

Adventure Date


Even though I’m not very outdoorsy this is something I would love to try. You can go to a carnival or an amusement park. And if you are ready to shell out more money you can opt for a hot air balloon ride or rafting or sky diving or paragliding!

So far I think the most important thing to make anyone happy is FOOD. Yes you heard that right. And if you can’t cook together the next best thing is to bake together. My fellow blogger Claire bakes some amazing stuff so do check out her awesome recipes.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day! 🙂 Love,


Reasons To Love Winters

A new year means a fresh start, a better start. To review what we did and did not do last year. To set new goals and resolutions and not break them by the end of January!

And also to thank God and all those who gave you moments of happiness. So here’s a huge, huge thanks to all of YOU- my followers, commenters, likers and all those of you reading this to appreciate what I did and I hope to entertain you for many more coming years.

This time the Delhi winters have failed to show up, yet. But I’m still hopeful and can’t wait for the biting cold to come. While I wait for it to arrive here are seven reasons I love winters so much! 🙂

1. Gallons of Tea & Hot Chocolate


Winter’s just an excuse for more cups of tea and delicious hot chocolate with a good book and blanket.

2. Lap Blankets & Quilts


I love cozing up in my bed in winters with soft bed warmers and the above mentioned tea.

3. Warm Fuzzy Sunlight


Can you imagine the sun warmth on your skin in winters? I can. It’s one of those things you forget in summers but come winter and you start craving it.

4. Woolen Socks & Caps


Although I love winters I get cold real quick and specially my feet and ears. Winters without socks and cute caps are incomplete for me!

5. Layers of Clothes


Let the GIF do the talking for this one!

6. Ice Creams & Bonfires


It’s a new year party ritual for me and my friends but ice creams, specially kulfis in the cold is fun and more so with a nice bonfire.

7. Groundnuts, Gur ki Patti, Revdi & Gajak


Believe it or not but these are the fundamental items in every Indian household in winters. Personally I’m not that fond of groundnuts but the rest is yummy as hell!

 Do you love winters? And what’s your favourite part?

As always, thanks for dropping by and have a great day! Love,