Super Seven Lisa Kleypas Heroes

I think this was the most difficult post I’ve EVER done till date. I struggled a lot with my options as I couldn’t decide whom I wanted more on the list. But damn, Lisa Kleypas has got some majorly hot and amazing heroes and narrowing them to seven was super difficult!

7. Logan Scott (Because You’re Mine)


The lead actor and director of the Capitol, Logan might appear strict but he’s adored by everyone. Although this is not one of the most famous books, this happens to be one of my favourite ones! And Logan is such a sweetheart when (he’s not insecure). I love how jealous he is of others when Maddy smiles at them. And it does not make me twisted in any sense.

6. Leo Hathaway (Married by Morning)


matt bomer

I never thought Leo could be on this this list when I read Mine Till Midnight but he redeemed himself so well and just wormed his way into my heart. I don’t know how Cat resisted his proposal so much when I would have said yes a hundred times over even before he proposed me! With his humorous nature he tries to hide his true intense passionate self and God I adore him for it!!

5. Simon Hunt (Secrets of a Summer Night)


I may not have liked him much on my first read but the second time I read the book I cursed myself for not paying proper attention the first time. A cynical self made man (who happens to be a butcher’s son), he’s strong and broad shouldered but with the love of his life Annabelle he’s so protective and passionate<..sighs..>!

4. Gage Travis (Sugar Daddy)


Talk about hot and confident as hell and self assured and de-li-cios-ly SEXY!! If I were to stand in front of him I would certainly melt down into a worthless puddle. We might have known him for a short time in the book but trust Ms Kleypas to make a character so hypnotic to last in our minds forever. Surprisingly the only contemporary hero on my list!

3. Cam Rohan (Mine Till Midnight)


Ian Somerhalder, Gotham Magazine, November 1, 2009

Sue me if he’s not the finest piece of ass (historical one at that) you ever read about! Cam is an exotically handsome gypsy and in many ways he’s very different that the other heroes. The fact that he’s a roma itself sets him apart. His way of thinking, his easy going nature, the assured pursuit of Amelia just won me over. And yes, he’s got a real charming way with words as compared to the rest of the heroes.

2. Derek Craven (Dreaming of You)



If not for my insane love for Sebastian, Derek would very well have been on number one. He is what they would call  a bad, bad boy but he’s one of the most tortured heroes of Kleypas. He’s another self made hero and what I love the most about him is the way he falls for Sara..and the way he protects her..Oh my God it’s stuffy in my room..

1. Sebastian StVincent (Devil in Winter)



I’ve got just one word for my love..P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N! Not to say that he’s a perfect person, you won’t find a single character who’s perfect in a Kleypas book but the way he’s described, nobody could be better trust me. Beneath his rakish facade is a kind, generous man whose loneliness has driven him to extreme lengths. And it’s so touching to see his difficulty in understanding his love for Evie and the way he reacts to it. His utterly complete adoration and devotion to Evie is the most mind blowing thing ever!

So let’s just take a few deep breaths here and read something tame before I evaporate here. Lisa Kleypas is undoubtedly the queen of best heroes out there! If you haven’t read her books I suggest you come out of whatever rock you are living beneath and read them. I hope you enjoyed this post and see you again soon! 🙂 Love,



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