About Me & Whimsy Journals


Hello everybody! Welcome to Whimsy Journals! I’m not very good at giving introductions so please bear with me. I’m Shivalika – a quirky bibliophile who loves to read all day long. I have been in love with books ever since I laid my hands on The Baby-Sitters Club series and now the list of my favorites is literally taller than I am. And I’m quite tall. Also being somewhat socially awkward, books can be great conversation starters for me.

In addition to reading, I love cooking and make excellent chole (an Indian chickpea dish) and some other Indian dishes. I’m also quite famous for my masala tea among my relatives. 😉

Another thing I love is making DIY crafts and handmade cards for my friends and family. I have a habit of collecting junk items in the hope that they will come in use some day.

Other than that, I am a MASSIVE Harry Potter junkie! And welcome all the HP lovers with open arms. We can together gush about it as much as we want! 🙂

This blog is going to be more of a journal than a mainstream blog where you’ll have an insight to my rambling thoughts, book reviews and diys and whatnots! I hope you enjoy them.. 🙂 ❤

96 thoughts on “About Me & Whimsy Journals

  1. Hi Shivalika, thanks for visiting my bran new blog and liking my post. I decided to visit you as well only to find out that you are adorable with all these hobbies and share many common interests! I will follow you to catch up anything new 😉

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  2. Omg omg YES! Finally someone who has read the Baby-sitters series (it was my childhood world – I read the Little Sister series too xD) and I just finished the HP series not long ago (totally felt like I should’ve read it as a child though). Your blog seems really cool too!!

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