Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince | Potter Week Day 6

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying the weekend. Currently I’m immensely enjoying the rains. Yes. I’m a pluviophile and I wish it would never stop raining and I wish I were always in England. I don’t mean to say that it’s always raining there but they have milder temperatures than in my own country. Those magnificent castles.. I can see so many stories taking place in them. And there I could watch the Cursed Child play as well. But never mind when I can read the book tomorrow! Anyway, back to the topic, it’s the sixth day of the Potter Weekand here I go with my favourites!

Potter Week Day 6 – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Favourite Character – Albus Dumbledore


“He accused me of being Dumbledore’s man through and through.”
“How very rude of him.”
“I told him I was.”
Dumbledore opened his mouth to speak and then closed it again. Fawkes the phoenix let out a low, soft, musical cry. To Harry’s intense embarrassment, he suddenly realized that Dumbledore’s bright blue eyes looked rather watery, and stared hastily at his own knee. When Dumbledore spoke, however, his voice was quite steady.
“I am very touched, Harry.”

Harry says it all for me in those two sentences. My only wish is to know such a man like him in real life as well.

Favourite Scene – Phoenix Lament


“Somewhere out in the darkness, a phoenix was singing in a way Harry had never heard before; a stricken lament of terrible beauty…Harry felt, as he had felt about the Phoenix song before, that the music was inside him, not without… How long they stood there, listening, he did not know, nor why it seemed to ease their pain a little to listen…They all fell silent. Fawkes’s lament was still echoing over the dark grounds outside.”

When I thought nothing could be worse than Dumbledore falling off the tower I read this and I swear nothing is more heartbreaking than this parrticular moment in this book.

Favourite Trio Moment – We’ll be There


“We’ll be there, Harry,” said Ron
“At your Aunt and Uncle’s house,” said Ron, “And then we’ll go with you wherever you’re going.”
“No-” said Harry quickly; he hadn’t counted on this, he had meant them to understand that he was undertaking the most dangerous journey alone.
“You said it once before,” said Hermione quickly, “that there was time to turn back if we wanted to. We’ve had time, haven’t we? We’re with you whatever happens.”

By now you must know my love for emotional drama. So it’s obvious why I would choose this scene over so many others. To stand by your friend’s side even without considering the pros and cons, now that is true friendship. (I know the image doesn’t belong there but it definitely suits the moment.)

Favourite Object – Pensieve


For me this would be one of the most convenient thing. I am such a forgetful person it’s a crime really. Although I must say sometimes it’s self induced you know like when you want to forget something horrible you just supress it in the layers of your brain? So yes I would love to keep all my good memories in jars and visit them llater in years to come.

Favourite Spell –Muffliato

Another spell that would be extremely useful because there are numerous eavesdroppers in our lives. Also you won’t have to whisper into your phone just to keep your parents from listening. 😛

Favourite Creature – Pygmy Puff


My friends would say I love everything cutesy but that’s not the reason I adore pygmy puffs. It’s because they very much remind me of my pet albino rat I had a few years ago. He was so fat that his body looked very much similar to this pygmy puff in the image which is actually a toy.

Favourite Quote


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As always thank you loads for dropping by and have a gorgeous day! And I will go and study for my exam tomorrow. See you very very soon! 🙂 Love,



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