Easy Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy father’s day to all you gorgeous dads out there you guys are doing an absolutely amazing job! ❤

And all the non fathers, if you are still looking for a perfect gift idea, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. These might not be very mainstream ideas but I believe dads, being practical and all would prefer them much above the other stuff available out there. Or so I think. Anyway, let’s get rolling!


DIY Photo Frame

Whenever in doubt, go for a DIY. That’s my motto and really who doesn’t love a good old creative photo frame? Especially these two beauties below which you can find here and here respectively.  I quite love the simplicity of the second one.



Homemade Meal

On a sunday, all the dads would just want to sit back and relax. So what’s better than a lovely breakfast tray in bed? Or maybe his favourite lunch or dinner would be even better. Apart from that, you can do the household chores that your dad would otherwise do. That would give him more time to unwind.


Shopping Coupons

Another great idea is to get him some shopping coupons or getaway coupons. This way you not only have a quick gift ready at hand, he can also customise it according to his requirements. My dad for example rarely wear something that was gifted to him and prefer buying his own stuff.

Hobby Help


One of the best things you can actually do is to buy your father something related to his hobby. Nothing can be more fun than to pursue your hobby, specially when you have something new to play with. This idea is my personal favourite as I really want to gift my dad a Canon EOS 600D DSLR but unsurprisingly do not have funds for it. You could buy a book set, a barbecue grill or whatever he might truly enjoy.

What are you doing for your dad this father’s day?

I hope you find these ideas useful and thank you so much for dropping by my tiny corner. Have a great day my lovelies! 🙂 Love,



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