DIY Anniversary/ Valentines Day Emoji Chocolate Card

Hello Everybody! How are you all?

Out of all my posts, one of the most searched ones is the chocolate card. So when I made this emoji chocolate card a while back I knew I had to share it with u all. I absolutely adore emojis and my texts are usually full of them, quite literally. From there I took it to the next level and decided to use them in a card as well and if I say so myself it turned out pretty cute! The card itself it very easy to make all all you need is some time and some chocolates to eat while making it.


Stuff you’ll need:

2 Craft Paper/ Card Stock for Base (28 x 18 cm)

Glitter Pen (colour based on the above two sheets)

Yellow, Red and Blue Craft Paper

Heart Shaped Chocolates

Ruler, Glue and Scissors

First thing, cut out circles using yellow craft paper for the emojis (9 cm in diameter) and red craft paper for their mouths and hearts for their eyes. You can make as many as you like, I made just 3. Also cut out one huge heart.


Take two card stock or craft paper of size 28×18 cm, fold them in half along their length and paste the folded edges together. Now you’ll be left with four sticked together sheets of size 18×14 cm.


For the front, I used a simple heart eyes emoji. I pasted the cutouts and topped the hearts with heart shaped chocolates. So that it doesn’t look very plain I drew a border with a silver pen. (If you pick a light coloured sheet go for a darker pen.)

NOTE: Make sure to add some tape on the heart cut outs before sticking the chocolates so it doesn’t ruin the card later.


Basically the same thing is done for the rest as well and the images are very much self explanatory. You can do something more creative on the left sides other than pasting tiny smiley stickers all over. But I avoided that as the chocolates will already misshape the card. I so wish there was an emoji like the one below it’s adorable! ❤




So there, your card is complete already! Although I kept it pretty simple and bare, you can add more embellishments to it. Maybe a fancier border or some added lace or buttons and stuff.

I hope you liked it and if you create it I’d love to see your version! Thank you so much for dropping by my corner . Have a lovely day all you beautiful people! 🙂 Love,



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