7 TV Shows I Want To Watch

Hello Everyone!

How’s your sunday going? And what are the plans for coming week? Me, I’m in bed crippled with tummy cramps. If you are wondering why I’m super late this Sunday then you should know that I get distracted easily and this time it was Justin Bieber’s Sorry video, the girls in it are so AMAZING! Then I started watching dance tutorials of the same and you should go for it if you want to get fitter. Then I watched Fifth Harmony’s Work From Home a multiple times just for the hot guys in the background. Then I put in a lot of time changing the logo of my blog. I quite like this one and I think it’s perfect this time.

As for the my plans for this week, I’m going to do loads of binge watching. I am not much of a TV person and I don’t remember when I watched a movie or some sitcom. But yesterday I downloaded three movies and watched them back to back. That’s crazy, for me. So I’ve decided as long as I’m in this mode, I might as well catch up with some TV shows that I should have watched ages ago!

Game of Thrones


Yes I haven’t yet seen it and I’m perfectly fine. See? You won’t really die if are not watching it. Trust me I almost feel pressurized to watch Game of Thrones and I really don’t do very well under pressure. It’s not that I don’t want to watch, but it really puts me off something when people go gaga over it. I swear George RR Martin has killed more than anyone till date and that’s just in five books with two more to go. I’ll watch it some day. In future.

Downton Abbey


If you haven’t noticed how much I enjoy historical romances then you haven’t been paying attention people. It implies my love for anything before the second world war therefore it goes without saying that I utterly enjoy period dramas. Plus Downton Abbey has Maggie Smith in it with her beautiful accent. I love the British accent and  I know there are many although  can’t differentiate and tell which is which I do love them all.



Two of my very good friends have been pushing me to watch Suits for years now. But as you know what a lazy ass I am I’ve succeeded in avoiding it till now. And suddenly I find myself very much interested in watching it. You guys just won’t believe my crazy mood swings. Or maybe I’m just PMSing. But anyway I’ll take the most of it and at least download it for later! 😛

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


I’ve heard such great reviews for this show it’s unbelievable. Even if not for that I’d still be curious about the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Because first, it’s a comedy and everyone wants some humour in their gruelling schedules and second, given the summary – a woman decides to start a new life in New York being rescued after 15 years from a doomsday cult – one would suppose it to be a drama or a dark comedy but it’s a sweet and uplifting comedy.

The Walking Dead


I am very picky about the horror movies or shows that I watch because frankly some of them are really stupid and others way too gory for my taste. The only reason I’ve avoided it this far is the latter one. But with this show I do have it on good authority that both the horror and the gore are well deserved for the places. So let’s see when I come around to watching this one.

Pride and Prejudice


I’m actually going to binge watch this tomorrow as I feel too sick to go to work. Sometime back I watched the Keira Knightley’s Pride and Prejudice movie and almost all of the reviews I read mentioned how the 1995 mini series is much more in sync with the book. So I think it’s high time I watched it and reviewed it myself! From this image I can say that even the casting is more accurate than the movie.



I do have a reason for not watching Sherlock. It’s just that I’m not sure how much I’ll like it after Robert Downey’s take on the same character. But the fact that it’s set in the present time must definitely give it a different look and not for the worse going by the reviews. My sister tells me Dr. Watson actually writes a blog.

How many of these have you seen?And how did you like them?

I’m sure by now you positively consider me a lunatic for not watching some or most of these. Trust me it’s not my fault. I’m more inclined to open a book than sit down for some TV time.  I hope you enjoyed the list and if you think I need to add something here let me know!

Have a great day/ night! 🙂 Love,



13 thoughts on “7 TV Shows I Want To Watch

  1. I haven’t watched Game of Thrones either, so you aren’t alone there! 😛 (Though I have read two of the books.)

    I also want to watch Downton Abbey – I have heard only great things and it’s my friends favourite tv show (or one of them rather). 😀 And both Pride and Prejudice and Sherlock are freaking amazing! ❤ Hope that you are going to enjoy them as well!

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  2. Sherlock and Downton Abbey I’ve watched, and for me they were both worthwhile. Each had some odd or confusing or downright upsetting moments (but what show doesn’t?), but I still watched them to their end, and don’t regret it. 🙂


  3. I really want to watch Downtown Abbey too but just haven’t had the motivation for some reason..
    I definitely recommend Sherlock! It has its flaws and lowkey sexism but I really like the intricacies of each mystery he solves and it’s a pretty different take than the Robert Downey Jr character!

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