Funny Fridays | Percy Jackson Memes

Evening lovely people!

Welcome to another Funny Fridays! It’s been a long, long time I know and I’ll catch up with you all soon and till then have some laughs. If you are wondering what we do in this feature here’s the thing!

  • Grab a book and read it.
  • If you find something funny, silly or anything that makes you smile, be it a meme or anything, bookmark it.
  • Wait for the next Friday and share it with everyone!


Because of the time crunch and also because what I’m reading nowadays is not even remotely funny I found some Percy Jackson memes that I’d saved to share with you all.





The last two surely made me crack up! 😀 I’m sure there are more and even funnier memes out there but these just happened to be on me. Feel free to share the links of more that you know of. Have a great weekend and thank you for dropping by! 🙂 Love,



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