The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith/ J K Rowling | Review

Rating: 5 Stars

Even while reading Harry Potter series I knew Jo would make a great mystery/ crime fiction writer. But I never really expected her to actually start writing one. So when the news came out that Robert Galbraith, the author of The Cuckoo’s Calling was none other that our very own Queen of Magic and Words – J. K. Rowling – I obviously wanted to read it. But I had such high expectations for her that I was too afraid to pick the book up until this year. But ofcourse I should have known how awesome it would be.

Book one of the Cormoran Strike series introduces us to the series’ titular character, Cormoran Strike the private detective, a war veteran minus a leg, with a troubled life and even more difficult love life. In his mid thirties when other men have secured their lives, Strike’s is falling apart, with no home and no future prospects. Then comes his temporary secretary (or so they think), Robin Ellacot. Freshly engaged to a douchebag of a guy and new to London, she is in a happy place. Their circumstances when they met itself were quite striking. And that was the moment I knew I’m gonna love this book.

the-cuckoo-s-callingAs it happens with detective stories, almost everything has been explored. The only difference is how you deliver it and without doubt Jo did not fail me on that aspect. I loved all the detailing and explanations and the view of contemporary London through her eyes. Coming to the case, although Lula Landry was dead before the book started, the way she is fleshed out is quite amazing. We can see her conflicting personality and her distrust of the people around her and I felt very bad for her. A lot many people found the ending very drastic but I actually saw something like that coming (I’ve read a bit too many Fear Street books).

But the best part, the one that I loved the most is Cormoran and Robin’s relationship. First of all, they are both are strong characters in their own way. Robin’s efficient in a way that Cormoran will never be and he has seen enough of the world to be cynic enough for both of them. They are so compatible together and not only in their work relationship. I’m shipping them so hard!

Drawbacks? I don’t see any so far. But, if too much details turn you off then this is not the perfect book for you. And the only thing I don’t like about Strike is his distrust of women drivers! The men who think so irk me so much! But he’s a sweetheart so I’ll let him be. In all, I enjoyed it A LOT and it definitely deserves five stars. I look forward to more Strike and Robin adventures.

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7 thoughts on “The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith/ J K Rowling | Review

  1. I really want to read this book, I’ve been wanting for so long. But this year I’m determined to read it! Loved your review! 🙂

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