Trip to Choco-Land | Choco Vault Review

I happily give the place five yummiest stars! ♥♥♥♥♥

This weekend when I went shopping with my friends we decided to have a little detour and go to Hauz Khas Village. A friend of mine wanted to check out this place called Choco Vault because he’d heard great things about it. And since chocolate is involved, who in their right mind would say no?



So in we went oblivious to the blast of chocolate we were going to get and everyone of us was blown away! OH MY GOD!!!! If you love chocolates even a bit you NEED to visit that little gem of a place! As soon as you enter, the heady scent of chocolate will make your brain go fuzzy and all you’ll see is dripping chocolate and muffins. Quite literally. Look at the cutest seat in the world!



Coming to the sweets, we ordered a Choco Nuke, a Caramel Fusion Tart and a Ferrero Rocher Elixir and just talk about heaven. I wish I had clicked a picture of the Choco Nuke in it’s original state before hot chocolate was poured over it and the shell melted to reveal the creamy treat inside. Caramel tart was just the thing of my dreams. And I’m not teasing you at all. Also I’d suggest you have your shake before the Choco Nuke as it’s sweetness might dull the former’s.

choco-vault-review-4             choco-vault-review-5


Another thing, the decor. It was so lovely, quite and quaintish (my favourite kind) and chocolaty. I SO need to go there again!!

TIP: Be ready for the sugar rush in case you over indulge!

Until the next time. Have a great day all! 🙂 Love,



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