Funny Fridays | Secrets of a Summer Night


Evening lovelies!


Another Friday, another week gone and here I am with this week’s Funny Friday! If you are wondering what we do in this feature here’s the thing!

  • Grab a book and read it.
  • If you find something funny, silly or anything that makes you smile, be it a meme or anything,bookmark it.
  • Wait for the next Friday and share it with everyone!

Secrets of a Summer Night is the first book of Wallflower series and the following conversation is happening between the sisters Lillian and Daisy Bowman about the game of rounders!

“Not only gentlemen,” Lillian replied. “In New York, ladies may play also, as long as they don’t forget themselves in the excitement.”

Daisy smiled slyly. “Such as the time Lillian became so incensed by a bad call that she pulled a sanctuary post out of the ground.”

“It was already loose,” Lillian protested. “A loose post could have presented a danger to one of the runners.”

“Particularly while you were hurling it at them,” Daisy said, meeting her older sister’s frown with a sweet smirk.

Highly recommended read for historical romance lovers! So, what are your plans for this weekend?

It’s really silly of me to put up that question on the Valentine’s weekend but since I have an exam to give who knows what the readers are upto? But whether you sleep, work or gorge on food, just have a great weekend and enjoy! 🙂 Love,



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