7 Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts for Book Lovers

Aloha lovelies! Welcome to the laziest person’s lil blog! This was supposed to be up on Sunday but oh it was one of those lazy days when you just sleep and sleep some more. So I kept procrastinating until it was too late and now I’m here with a fun post very late.


I love Valentine’s day and if you happen to be single then don’t sulk. There are so many book boyfriends out there you could be reading about! So I’d already seen a plethora lovely posts for valentine’s day gifts for book lovers of amazing DIYs. What I wanted was these two together! And that’s exactly what I listed for today’s Super Seven Sunday post.

Bookish Arty Frame 


I came across this cute wall art at Cozy Cottage Cute and if I had a bit more space at home I would have made it for myself! It would make an interesting gift as well as easy one for craft lovers.

♥ Cloth Book Cover 


I have seen a lot many similar book covers but I picked the one at 33 Stitches simply for the gorgeous fabric they have used! And the bright popping colours make it a perfect valentine’s day gift for girls.

♥ A Cute Book Frame 


Well Rounded gave plain old boring photo frames a lovely twist by incorporating a hardcover as the frame. You can also make it into a wall art with a number of hardcover frames above your writing desk.

♥ Mini Book Necklace


Instead of looking for that perfect pendant make one of these by The Perfect Pear and your girl would be the happiest and you will save a lot of time and money!

♥ Valentine’s Day Cards 



How can I not add some bright and bookish cards into the mix? I love how basic they are with a clear message. The cards are by Brookegorell and Sylvias Stamping Place respectively.

♥ Book Clutch DIY 


Check out these most adorable book clutches by Sprinkle in Springs. Do I need to say anything? I’m making one of these for sure and never heading out without them! Yu can also make these with actual hardcover books like here.

♥ Comic Book Shoes 


Anomaly has the perfect tutorial for decoupage shoes. I don’t know about you ladies but I would love nothing more than my dying pair of sandals turned into these hotties! And while these comic book shoes are great but the historical romance book cover shoes below are plain mouth watering!


What are your plans for Valentine’s?

I hope you find the post useful and thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Love,



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