DIY Anniversary/ Valentines Day Chocolate Card

A happy Wednesday everyone! Wednesday feels like a semi weekend to me because half the week is gone and just half more to go, so the stress is less and no morning blues (not like the Mondays at least).  This month I’ll be completing one year on WordPress and as I was going through my posts  I realised that this post, which is a repost of an earlier one was very much neglected. But it is also one of the most excessively searched posts! So I thought that it did deserve another go when I have some more gorgeous followers to appreciate it.

Last year on my best friend’s  birthday I wanted to make something different than a regular card. So I combed through pinterest for some ideas. Its no surprise that there were tons of ideas but one of the best ones was this chocolate card where you put chocolates instead of words. But there was this tiny problem I faced – we do not get those chocolates in India. So I improvised with what I could get and here’s the result..tada!!


The card says: My (Bourneville), on this occasion kuch meetha ho jaye with (Dairy Milk). Let’s just have a (Kit Kat) break from everything and head out to a (Milky BAR) and have (Snakker)..You are such a (Temptation) to me and all I wanna do is (Munch) on you..I love how you (Perk) me up when I’m down and make me (Snickers)..You are the (Gems) of my heart and the only person for me in the entire (Galaxy)..with loads of love..truly yours, (Bar One). My friend simply adored this. After all who doesn’t love chocolates..?

Feel free to snoop around for more stuff! As always, thanks a ton for dropping by. 🙂 Love,



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