Romantic Inexpensive Date Ideas

Hello everybody! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it does make one wish to go out and have some. As it so happens I also have an exam that day. So instead of planning something here’s the next best thing that I could do. I asked loads of my friends and listed the best romantic ideas that won’t hurt your pockets too much!

Homey Dinner Date


Frankly my dears, nothing is more romantic than cooking food for your partner. Or so I think. So bring out those scented candles and put on some cute decorations. That is, sprinkle some rose petals, get the fairy lights out and enjoy the meal with some great music!

Rooftop Romance


Just shift your dinner date up to the rooftop! Do take your comfy quilt and light up the area with candles and fairy lights. After the meal you can simply enjoy lying back and watching the stars. Also if you live near seaside you can always opt for a beach for this setting!

Movie Date Night


Go on a movie binge and watch the movies you both love with loads of popcorns and ice cream floats. And do not forget that snugly blanket. And if you are as nerdy as I am, you are going to have a blast with Harry Potter movie marathon or Lord of the Rings!

Long drive


Pack some snacks and a bottle of wine (juice really, wine just sounds more sophisticated) and hit the road! Check out some cute places along the way and end it with a picnic. Strictly avoid crowded places and if you live in places like Delhi (those damned jams) start early in the morning!

Hike it Up


One of my favourite options is to go for a long walk in a park or some other historical place and enjoy an amazing picnic under the shade of a tree. Nothing’s better than a stroll hand in hand and talks of all kind of nonsensical stuff.

Go Camping


In your back garden! Pitch up your tent and get a bonfire going. Make a grand dinner together and have loads of tea and and enjoy snuggling in a blanket!

Adventure Date


Even though I’m not very outdoorsy this is something I would love to try. You can go to a carnival or an amusement park. And if you are ready to shell out more money you can opt for a hot air balloon ride or rafting or sky diving or paragliding!

So far I think the most important thing to make anyone happy is FOOD. Yes you heard that right. And if you can’t cook together the next best thing is to bake together. My fellow blogger Claire bakes some amazing stuff so do check out her awesome recipes.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day! 🙂 Love,


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