Disney Book Tag!

Hello Everyone!

I was tagged to do the Disney Book Tag by the lovely Ashley of Dreaming Through Literature and I’m really excited for it. After all Disney and books together is like my two favourite things in one! Now without more delay here goes.

hrt The Little Mermaid: a character who is out of their element, a fish out of water. 


Well it would have to be Evelyn from the .When Evelyn Chambers is sold by her as***le brother, she’s left at the mercy of Lord Rafe Easton as his mistress.

hrt Cinderella: a character who goes through a major transformation. 


Theodora Saxby from The Ugly Duchess is a perfect example. She’s certainly not the most beautiful women but with time she develops her own sense of style and attitude which makes her shine out in the crowd.

hrt Snow White: a book with an eclectic cast of characters. 


The protagonists as well as the side characters of Devil’s Cub are all individually wonderful and make up quite a fun group!

hrt Sleeping Beauty: a book that put you to sleep.


I’m sorry Miss MacLean but The Rogue Not Taken made me doze off at some places. Although it does not mean that I didn’t enjoy reading it.

hrt The Lion King: a character who had something traumatic happen to them in childhood. 


Eve Dinwoody from Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt. It is such a lovely book and of course I can’t tell what she went through as it would be a huge spoiler!

hrt Beauty and the Beast: a beast of a book (a big book) that you were intimidated by but found the story to be beautiful. 


A Game of Thrones. I hardly need to tell any of you how much courage it took it me take up this big piece!

hrt Aladdin: a character that gets their wish granted, for better or worse. 


I couldn’t think of any suitable character so I’ll have to go with Robin. Robin Ellacott from The Cuckoo’s Calling has wanted to work in the field of crime and investigation and her wish comes true when she ends up as a temp at a Detectives office!

hrt Mulan: a character who pretends to be something or someone they’re not. 


Duke of Hollindrake from the book Love Letters From a Duke. The guy pretends to be a footman at his almost fiancé’s house and yep! I’m taking the question quite literally!

hrt Toy Story: a book with characters you wish would come to life.

Goodness! I don’t know how many times I’m going to answer the same thing but definitely Harry Potter characters and the Hathaways and Wallflowers from Lisa Kleypas’ books.

hrt Disney descendants: your favourite villain or morally ambiguous character.


I wouldn’t call Jean-Baptiste Grenouille from Perfume a favourite character but it goes without saying that he was a genius when it came to scents. He’s one of the creepiest and the most disgusting villain I’ve ever read about and I think that would be a compliment to a villain!

I Tag:

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Lauren @ Drifting Lexi

Cassidy @ The Little Book Cottage

Claire @ Art and Soul

Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard

Gabby @ Gabby The Dauntless Warlock

Feel free to ignore in case you have done it already and thanks for tagging me Ashley it was fun doing a book tag after a long time. I seriously need to catch up with the last year ones! I hope you enjoyed it and have a great day! 🙂 Love,


14 thoughts on “Disney Book Tag!

  1. I love Robin in the Cormoran Strike series. In fact, she’s probably the main reason I’m sticking with the series! I’m reading The Silkworm at the moment and love all the parts featuring her.
    Thank you for tagging me. I haven’t done this one yet 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love what a wonderful couple Robin and Cormoran make and that’s my main reason for reading the series to see how they finally end up together. I’m finished with Career of Evil and wishing I’d have gone a bit slower!
      I look forward to your answers! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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