Funny Fridays | The Silkworm


Starting today, I’m starting a feature(or a meme) called Funny Fridays. For this I’m going to share a funny, silly snippet from the book I’m currently reading or recently finished reading. It could be a quote or a passage or an image related to the book. One of my goals this year is to be happier and spread happiness. And for that I decided to end my week with something a bit cheery or funny. Although for a few people like me who have to work Saturdays the weekend doesn’t start till tomorrow.

the-silkwormI just finished reading Robert Galbraith’s aka J. K. Rowling’s The Silkworm. I love, love how everything binds together in the end and man! She can write! And I’m going to kick-off this feature with a line from this awesome book. For the background

Robin – The Secretory

Strike – Private Detective

Jonny Rokeby – Strike’s rockstar father

Another flurry of snow passed the window, swiftly dispersing. Robin looked up at the black-and-white photographs opposite and recognised, with a slight shock, Jonny Rokeby, Strike’s father…

…After staring for a while at Rokeby’s very tight and revealing leather trousers, Robin forced herself to gaze out of the window again, afraid of Strike catching her staring at his father’s groin.

I just realised some of you might find my sense of humour poor/ lame. But those of you who don’t I hope it made you laugh or smile or atleast a bit interested in the book. Ofcourse if you like it and want to do it you can join in the fun too.

Have a wonderful weekend folks! 🙂 Love,




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