Super Seven Christmas Reads

Hello everybody! It’s been a week that I blogged and I’ve missed you all a lot. I get so tired after work it’s difficult to get anything done. And to get sick on top of that just shuts me down completely. As I feel a bit better presently I decided to do a quick Super Seven Sunday post. Keeping up with the holiday spirit here’s a list of books that are perfect for Christmas time reading!


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


To be frank, this book can be read with or without a reason and regardless of the season. But winters and holidays make a great combination to get the book out for a read. I’d suggest the illustrated version for the kiddies!

The Witch, The Wizard and The Wardrobe


Although nothing Christmasy about this Chronicles of Narnia book, the scene where Lucy finds the hidden portal and all that snow is etched on my mind forever. And since my mind associates snow with Christmas, you get the idea..

The Polar Express


Polar Express is purely magical and a total dream comes true for every kid! It emphasises on how important it is to believe in something. And as long as you truly believe you will always find a way.

A Christmas Carol


An old greedy man who couldn’t care less about Christmas gets a good kick on his arse when he’s visited by three ghosts. And it turns out to be an eye opener for him. This book had me in tears and it’s not just for Christmas time but with a lesson in general. Life is too short to be a horrible person, go out and enjoy and give others happiness as well!

Letters From Father Christmas


I think it was pretty cool and thoughtful of J. R. R. Tolkien to write such amazing letters from Father Christmas to his kids. They capture the true essence of Christmas, which is all about family, friends and loads of love.



Well thanks to the Barbie Nutcracker movie that I’ve seen at least a million times, this is definitely on my list. It is a lovely book for kids as well as us adults with strong message that is never to put a stopper on our imaginations!

A Wallflower Christmas


Since my list is not quite complete without a good historical romance, I have to add this sweet book set around Christmas as the title suggests. What better way to end the holiday season than to read a good hot romance in the Victorian era?

Do you enjoy family reading? Which is your favourite Christmas themed book?

Thank you so much for dropping by and have a great day. 🙂 Love,



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