Seven DIY Votives To Brighten Up Winters

 Hello Everybody!!
With so much Christmas excitement and so many amazing blogmas going on I wanted to do something festive myself! And since winters are here too, I wanted it to be winter friendly as well. So I decided to pick out some amazing votive candle holders DIYs which can be perfect scattered around the place and they can also make pretty awesome Christmas gifts for those who like me prefer handmade stuff.
Ombre-Style Glittered Candle Holders

Oh my God I loved these so much that I’m definitely making them for myself. There are so many glitter votive DIYs out there but this ombre one is just so unique and pretty.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder




I doubt I’ll ever get it done the right way but as you can see , these candle holders are super bright and cheery and so easy to make. At least for those practiced with the art of nail polishes.

Striped Copper Votives
Apparently it’s not just Zoe Sugg whose obsessed with some pretty coppers. 😉 If you love anything copper or any other colour basically or if you are aiming for a classier gift, definitely go for this one.

Color Blocked Votive Candles


Shaker Containers Candle Holder

Strictly in the Christmas spirit this is a bonus DIY that I couldn’t help adding to the list. These shaker candles holders are super Christmasy, especially with the red ribbon and those cute bells!
Apparently I’m a total sucker for anything cute. 😀 So I hope you find this helpful, and have a great day, and loads of love to all! ❤

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