Top Seven Songs On My Playlist

Hello everyone! It’s been a long, long while since I have done a proper post where I could write my heart out. I have never been a very chatty person. I’m one of those people who can write pages upon pages about their problems rather than indulge them with someone and unfortunately I like it that way. Writing about things clears up my mind.

So it’s a Sunday, I’m relaxing at home sipping hot coffee and listening to my dad’s favourite songs! He loves the music from the last century. From Md Rafi to Kishore Kumar, he loves them all. I too have my favourites but to tell the truth most of the rest make me sleepy! Today I’d like to share with you the seven songs that I’ve been listening to most lately. There are times when one wants to listen to loud and peppy music and there are times when one wants to just listen to something low and soothing. Since I’m in the phase of the latter, you’ll find some super sweet songs topped my playlist!

7. Timeflies Tuesday: We Found Love

My sister introduced me to this cover some time back and I was truly blown away by this guy!

6. Young And Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

Yes, I watched The Great Gatsby quite recently and obviously I’ve been listening to this song non stop ever since. It’s beautiful and so haunting and Lana’s voice is just so good!

5. Mast Magan – 2 States

The movie 2 States came out last year and although I did not enjoy it at all, this song is super sweet and melodious and often when I have difficulty sleeping this is the song on loop.

4. All Black

This is a Punjabi track which I would have never listened to if not for my lovely friend. Honestly, the song is very catchy and that’s all I can say.

3. Wakhra Swag

Another Punjabi song which was suggested by the same friend and although I have no clue what the is singing I love it anyway.

2. Agar Tum Saath Ho – Tamasha

I love this song and more because of Arijit Singh’s part but it’s beautifully done by both the artists. Very very balmy.

1. Deewani Mastani – Bajirao Mastani

Currently my favourite song and I just absolutely love it! Also, Shreya Ghoshal happens to be my favourite female singer and it feels like she poured out her soul into this one.

And just because the audio is not enough!

So what have you been listening to and loving lately?? It’s always great hearing from you guys and thank you for dropping by! Have a great day/ night! 🙂 Love,



6 thoughts on “Top Seven Songs On My Playlist

  1. 1.) Phantom and friends- Old man canyon (ADDICTED. LOST. WOW! )
    2.) Secrets – One republic ( That chorus! )
    3.) Monster – Imagine dragons ( epic in every sense)
    4.) Beautiful Now – Zedd ( Musical delight)
    5.) Matargashti – Mohit ( Rahman sir and Mohit,naam hi kafi h. Courtesy: Rockstar)
    6.) Main rahun ya na rahun – Arman Malik ( This guy is the new superstar. REPEAT MODE)
    7.) Deewani Mastani – Shreya (For obvious reasons)

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