Reasons To Love Indian Weddings

Hello everyone!! With the wedding season at it’s peak, here’s a list that sums up an Indian wedding and why we love it so much!



Honestly, you know you go there for all that food. But with the halwais belting out delicacies one after another who wouldn’t? The laddoos, jalebis, gulab jamuns, gajar ka halwa, you name it we have it!

Runway Models

From tiny angels to bride and groom’s grandmamas, all the ladies are decked out in their best sarees and jewelleries that they could give the runway models a run for their money!

Nonstop Dance and Music

Indian weddings are incomplete without loads of band baja! Be it sangeet ceremony, baraat or the DJs at the wedding we leave no chance to dance to our heart’s content. And trust me it’s almost never enough!

The Bride

I think for most of us the wedding is all about the bride! With a dupatta covering her head, a huge nose ring, arms full of bangles and at her wrists, she’s a vision in red.

Rituals and Events

With Indian weddings spanning out to three four days, the weddings in the west are a piece of cake! With no rest in between, it can be a hell of a time but with best memories to savour! Sangeet, haldi, mehendi ceremony are a few to be named.


Name a single girl who doesn’t love her hands hennaed. The females do not feel completely dressed up if the palms do not have some henna design.

Grand Get Together

Weddings are one event where you get to get together with all your relatives starting from your nearest the ones you haven’t even met once in your life!

What is your favourite part of a wedding? I would love to know your answers. Thank you for dropping by and have a happy Sunday! 🙂 Love,



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