The Stolen Mackenzie Bride by Jennifer Ashley | Review


Rating : 5 Super Sexy Stars

If you thought you loved the Mackenzie brothers then please hold your breath for the Mackenzies ancestors in this prequel. Malcolm and co. might give Ian and co. a run for all their money! The story is heart meltingly poignant and Jennifer Ashley had me crying at the most unexpected places. Knowing what I knew from the previous books my heart was literally racing most of the time! Set in the time of Jacobean uprising, the Scots are pitted against the English. Malcolm Mackenzie and Mary Lennox, who couldn’t care less about taking sides, find themselves in the midst of a war and it’s a pleasure to see how they overcome every obstacle put in their way.

Malcolm is the youngest of five brothers, with a duke for a father. Even being the runt of the family he wasn’t coddled but hardened to stand up on his own feet. But it usually falls on him to take care of his family. He’s a hardworking and headstrong man who can be generous and equally ruthless with a claymore. (My mind conjures up a very sexy image of the latter). Mary starts as a meek obedient daughter, but after a clandestine meeting with Malcolm she realises what she had been missing all this time. Stubborn yet graceful, Mary is a fitting piece for the jigsaw puzzle that Mal is. She’s never fazed by anything and faces everything head on like a Mackenzie would.

I love how historically rich the book is. And not just the background, we see the battles first hand and that too from the Scottish point of view. There was another book I read of this era but it just did not entice me as this one did. Although I must say this one is a bit dark and deep for a historical romance but I’m not complaining one bit! Another obvious reason I loved The Stolen Mackenzie Bride is our leading Scottish braw!! Add three four brothers and it’s a complete worth of my money! And unlike our usual male protagonists, the fact that Malcolm wasn’t afraid to admit his love for Mary from the beginning just won me over!

“You’ll ruin me,” she whispered.

Malcolm studied her, his amber-colored gaze intense. “Marry me, lass, and I’ll ruin ye every day.”

I got goose bumps reading those lines! Apart from the leads, each character left a lasting impression on me. Especially Mal’s brothers, I never thought I would come to love them as much as I knew I would like Mal. Alec, Mal’s favourite brother. William, the drunk one who knows almost everything that goes around. Angus, Alec’s twin who took care of the Duke. And Duncan, the future Duke and the Jacobean. The Duke and Mary’s father, the Earl of Wilfort, both were very similar although hated each other. They both loved their children deeply but were not good at showing. And then there’s Ewan, the sergeant and my favourite character!

A lot of history might put some people off but I enjoyed it thoroughly. The only thing that did not go well with me was the instalove! I mean yeah, love at first sight does happen but a building chemistry between the characters might have been more amazing. But regardless of that, I would give this book a super sexy five stars! Super-hot, sexy dark and deeply emotional, The Stolen Mackenzie Bride is a complete package! I hope Ashley’s planning to bring out more books in this series. 🙂




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