Most Often Used Apps On My Phone


Hello everyone! With so many phone applications out in the market it’s sometimes difficult for me to decide what to pick. And me being a curious one, I always want to know what others might be using. So in the hopes that some might want to know the same I decided to pick out seven apps that I use most frequently for this Super Seven Sunday. Although it’s past Sunday in my country but well, it’s Sunday still for half the globe! Here goes!

OPERA MINIopera-mini

This is my personal favourite web browser because I’ve been using it for years now and I just can’t throw it over for another. It’s very user friendly and worked well even on my older Symbian phone. You can open multiple tabs at a time and downloads multiple files as well as browse at the same time!


I do not keep my laptop handy all the time and with my erratic memory I get ideas when it’s inconvenient for me to jot it down. Like when I’m trying too hard to sleep, or when I’m driving? So Writer is very much convenient for people like me. A clean and simple application which can be used for taking notes or writing blog posts.



Oh this app is a God send! I truly don’t know what I’d do without this one! I majorly use my phone not for talking but reading and if you don’t own a kindle this is one of the best e-book readers out there. It also has a cute bookshelf feature where you can see all your books in tiles form. I love it.


I completely suck at remembering places or landmarks and therefore Maps is a must have for me! If it wasn’t for Maps I would have been lost numerous times. I highly recommend it over any GPS.

candy-camera-for-selfieCANDY CAMERA FOR SELFIE

I think it’s one of the best apps for basic photography and selfies. It has some awesome filters but my favourite part is the huge collection of stickers available! They are so many of them and all theme based. There are some pretty frames and option for collages too!


Being in touch with everyone is very important and with our busy schedules we hardly find any time for that. Ergo Whatsapp! I find it very easy and fuss free to use. You can send images, songs or videos and even make calls. Although I’m not much satisfied with its calling facility yet but hopefully it will get better with time.

ENGLISH DICTIONARYenglish-dictionary

Biggest plus point is that it can be used offline and I don’t have to rely on internet connection. I do not know anyone who uses dictionaries as frequently as me and my sister. I would say everyone should use it as it helps a lot while reading and also improves your vocabulary tenfold.

You will notice that there are no games in my top seven and that’s because I do not have any games on my phone. Call me weird but I think it’s a waste of space and my precious time. I’d rather read than play. But that’s that for now. Thank you so much for dropping by! 🙂

What are some of your favourite apps??



14 thoughts on “Most Often Used Apps On My Phone

  1. sfarnell says:

    This is a great little post. I’ll be looking up the camera app as I’ve not been able to find one I really like and Wirter is one to look up as well. Whatsapp is brilliant always loved it and the changes they’ve made this year have made it a must have. Thanks for the post 🙂


  2. Syc @ The Lit Mermaid says:

    I dont really use whatsapp. I mostly use messenger cause most people I know uses Facebook. And I thought whatsapp is not free after a year of usage.
    As for the reader, the only one I got on my phone is Kindle. I dont really read on my phone but sometimes I get stuck on traffic and I have nothing better to do but to try read (preferably some ARCs).
    Also, I like this post of yours. I hope you dont mind if I try to post something like this. I’ll link you back. 😁


  3. Bookworm Shivalika says:

    I’ve been using Whatsapp for a while now and so far it’s been free of cost. And lately I’ve been using my phone for reading a lot and FBReader is just fabulous!
    And I would absolutely love to see your post! 🙂


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