DIY Glass Jar Candle Holder/ Lamp


Hello everybody! I’m back with another DIY today! This is a quick and easy DIY which can be done in 15 minutes. Mostly suitable for Diwali or Christmas, but you can use it for any other day when you feel like lighting up a candle.


I happened to have a few empty jars of Nutella on me so I decided to try something I saw on Pinterest long back and it turned out so beautifully.


Material you will require:

A jar of course

Tealight candle/ diya

Newspaper cuttings


Scissors and fevicol

Mod Podge (optional)


Take the newspaper cuttings and start pasting them on the jar until the entire surface is covered. I did some layering using headline cuttings and some pictures but you can use anything you like.

You can add a layer of mod podge over it but even without it it worked out fine for me.

To make it look pretty even in the daylight loop a ribbon around the mouth and bottom of the jar and secure it with glue.

Now place the tealight candle in the jar and it’s all complete!


Light it up and enjoy the coziness with a loved one!

NOTE: Since the ribbon is not of much consequence when the candle is lit, opting for a bit of lace would be a better idea.

That’s all for today! Thank you so much for dropping by you lovely people. Have a great day! 🙂


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