Leicester Lights Up | Diwali is Here!

Hello everyone!! I’m super excited for the posts that I’ll be doing this month, so just bear with me and hop along for the ride. This is my favourite time of the year. Yes, the approaching winters have a huge part in making me happy but it’s the festive air that makes me crazy with excitement! Yes. Diwali is almost upon us! 😀 For those who don’t know, Diwali is a huge Indian festival and can be considered an equivalent to three Christmases, if not more.

Diwali is a festival of lights and prosperity there are so many different stories of its origin. Some people celebrate it as the mark of Hindu New Year and some as the wedding day of Goddess Lakshmi. But I think the most fitting is the one according to which Diwali started the night when Lord Ram and Sita returned to Ayodhya from their 14 years’ exile on a night of new moon and people lit diyas (oil lamps) to light their path. From then on people celebrated their return by lighting diyas every year.

For me, the days leading up to Diwali are so festive you can literally smell it in the air. Actually the place where I live in Noida the roads are all lined with the trees that give off a particular scent which I associate with Diwali. Days before, houses are cleaned out, decorated and lighted like a Christmas tree. The big day starts with the sounds of crackers (thanks to one of our neighbours). Sweets and gifts are exchanged with all the guests and relatives as the day goes by. The evening enjoyment begins with a prayer to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. And people just go on having merriment as they please. Oh I can’t wait for it!! And I’ll be sharing DIYs for paper lantern, bangle diya holders, a toran or two plus some amazing easy rangolis with you all.

As for outside India, Leicester, England is the place where Diwali is celebrated on the biggest scale. Someday I wish to see it all myself but till then, the pictures will have to do.

What’s your favourite part of your favourite festival??



7 thoughts on “Leicester Lights Up | Diwali is Here!

  1. booksandblah says:

    Diwali is one of my favourite times of the year! Everything is so bright and colourful and pretty and lit up. The only festival that can kind of compete with it is Ganesh Chaturthi, but thats only because I live in Mumbai haha 😉

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  2. Nerdybirdy @ Daydreaming Books says:

    I’m so exited about Diwali as well! I love decorating my house with diyas and the most fun part: crackers! We enjoy loads and there are so many different types of crackers, we can’t decide which one to use first. Nonetheless have a fun and safe Diwali!

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