Devil’s Cub by Georgette Heyer | Review


Hello everyone! I know I’m reviewing a book after a very long time. I sometimes find it very difficult to pen down my thoughts because as I finish reading a book I’m overwhelmed because of the happy feels or I’m too agitated. But since reading is an unquenchable thirst I quickly start with another book and so the process goes on! It’s pathetic I know.

Coming back to the review, Devil’s Cub is the second book of the Alastair series by Georgette Heyer. The titular cub is the arrogant Marquis of Vidal, Dominic Alastair. He’s one hell of a rake that couldn’t care less for consequences of his actions. So when the list of his duelling victims gets a bit longer than wise, his father, none other than the awesome Duke of Avon, exiles him to France. But no, instead of going away like a good son that he is, he decides to take a mistress with him. Sensible Mary Challoner knows very well what the Marquis wants from her sister. In order to save the hare brained Sophia, she switches place with her and lands up in Paris all alone with Dominic. What follows is a truly madcap journey! away!! I might be hideously late to join Heyer’s bandwagon but I’m glad to have finally come around. This book was an unexpectedly funny read. I do not know whether it was intentional or not on Heyer’s part, but the book is exceedingly hilarious from starting to end. Another thing that tickled me was Dominic’s cynicism, especially his reaction to the dead body of a highway man. Apart from that the romance quotient is just perfect! The insecurities, the jealousies and nursing all sit perfectly well with the haters to lovers trope which I absolutely love.

As for the characters, I found Mary very likable. Although she appears to be very much straight laced she also has a deep buried wild streak else she wouldn’t have taken Sophia’s place. Dominic started as a mean jackass but became better in my eyes as the book progressed. But first and foremost I love Justin Alastair! And I’m sorry but his son doesn’t hold a candle to him. His cutting wit and all that charm was enough to make me love this book. Then there’s Rupert, whose sole purpose was to bring the comic effect and he succeeded efficiently. I definitely feel bad for the poor guy. Especially after the way Leonie, Dominic’s mum kept browbeating him. She kept on calling him stupid and useless throughout the book when he was only helping her. Just give him a break Leon! The woman sounds like a teenager for God’s sake.

I’d give Devil’s Cub five fully deserved stars. And I highly suggest this for those who like a ‘clean’ historical romance, that is, without any sexual undertones. If you do not like the Georgian era setting or anything before the French revolution then you can skip it. Also if you don’t like overbearing jealous men, this book is not for you. But honesty, if you ask me that’s one of the reason I love historical romances. And since it’s the eighteenth century, men are supposed to be overbearing and the women timid so don’t take it to your hearts and enjoy the ride! 🙂


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