Beautiful Book Covers

Aloha bookworms!!

Many a time I’ve picked a book to read just for its pretty cover. Yeah, I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and I have read numerous boring books just because of that but it still won’t stop me from doing the same thing again. :p So I’ve decided to share with you the books I find really charming to be added to my reading pile. For this month I’ve these three books that look as well as sound delightful.

Book: Menagerie

Author: Rachel Vincent

Release Date: September 29th 2015

Frankly, those fairy lights hooked me in, but the blurb is equally captivating. The story is basically set in a parallel universe which is inhabited by humans and cryptids (proto humans). A human Melanie finds herself changed into a cryptid performing in a carnival, and thus begins her struggle for freedom. The story is a lot more complex than just your average fantasy. Goodreads Blurb


Book: Little Woman in Blue

Author: Jeannine Atkins

Release Date: September 15th 2015

Do you remember the younger sister May from the Little Women? This book follows her perspective and it’s actually written on the basis of letters and diaries written by her. I love the water coloured sky on the cover and even from the back she looks so determined.

Goodreads Blurb

the-next-togetherBook: The Next Together

Author: Lauren James

Release Date: September 3rd 2015

It’s a story of a teenage couple who’s reincarnated time and again only to be separated tragically every time. Although it doesn’t really appeals to me but for that cover, I’m definitely going to give it a try. Also, according to the blurb, the story is told through a mixture of regular prose, diary entries, letters, internet articles etc. so I’m hoping the writing is going to be fun.

Goodreads Blurb

Thank you for dropping by! And what do you think of these covers?



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