Weird Bookish Habits

The other day I was traveling with a friend when I got my book out of the bag and passed the famous one liner of Joey’s at it. The book, not the friend. And the look I got from my buddy wasn’t a kind one. It got me thinking of all the things that come naturally to me as a bookworm but might appear somewhat weird to non-readers.


quill Sleeping with Books

Well..for some reason I think that the book I’m reading at that particular time is going to get lonely if I put it in a shelf or cupboard..and since I don’t use pillows it stays next to my head while I sleep. It actually helps me sleep more peacefully.


quill Caressing the Books

I touch my books lovingly all the time. Sometimes the book covers sometimes the pretty spines. Sometimes I hug them, the way one would hug a cute baby..but they all are my babies after all.


quill Talking to Books

I not only talk to the book (as I told you in the beginning) but to the characters as well. I mean if a character does something stupid then I scold him or her out loud. It can’t be helped!


quill Book Sniffing

I admit I’m a book sniffer but which book lover isn’t? Especially the smell of old books. Oh I love it! It’s a drug and if it were possible I would make perfumes out of it and keep it all for myself! (Laughs wickedly!) Also, I take a sniff of every book before buying it..even in book stores (surreptitiously of course).


quill Too Much Waterworks

Being too emotional I tend to shed tears a bit too much. Be it a happy moment or a sad one, I can be found crying frequently and it doesn’t help my migraine problems at all. The more familiar I am with the characters the harder I cry..


quill Mid Chapter Crisis

I cannot ever stop reading in between a chapter. I have to get to the end of it, no matter how sleepy I am. And thanks to that I have had to read many a chapter again the next day!


All that being said, I realise that I’m not really peculiar. It’s just who I am. And I wouldn’t change a thing for the world. It’s a different thing if I get to go to Hogwarts though. 😀

Do you happen to have any such reading habits? I would love to hear of them. And as always, thanks a lot for dropping by. Have a great day folks! ❤


10 thoughts on “Weird Bookish Habits

  1. Rachel (Bookish Rachel) says:

    I relate to so many of these! I’ve fallen asleep reading most books because I don’t want to stop and then I have to reread a bit the next day. And I caught myself smelling a book the other day in public. It’s not something I do that much, so I surprised even myself!

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