Brown Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas


Rating: 3.5-4/ 5

He had a lazy, easy way of talking, as if every word had been simmered for hours over a low flame.

Finally! The book we have all been waiting for years! I cannot begin to tell you all the sleepless nights I suffered in anticipation of this book. Coming out six years after its predecessor, Brown Eyed Girl is the fourth and the last instalment in the Travises series by Lisa Kleypas. It follows the story of Joe Travis and Avery Crosslin through latter’s perspective.

Being a Travis, Joe is just as delectable and laidback as the rest of the Travis brothers. The story unfolds with our charming hero saving the damsel from a scorpion. Avery Crosslin, a headstrong perfectionist, is the last person on earth who needs saving, especially from a man like Joe. Although vary of alpha men like Joe, Avery ends up having a one night stand with him. She’s under the impression that that’s the end of them but little does she know that it’s just the beginning. Joe pursues her in such an ardent gentleman like manner that it becomes difficult for Avery be the second to not to let go of her past demons and become ensnared by him.

Avery being in the wedding planning business with her sister Sofia, the story has a beautiful backdrop of weddings/ parties or preparations of the same. This made reading all the more fun for me and gave the book a dreamy quality; I mean, who doesn’t love weddings? However that being said, the author throws light on the bitter fact that all weddings are not always as great and lovey-dovey as we think them to be.

He looked down at me, our noses early touching. “Good.” The word was scratchy-soft, like a cat’s tongue.

For those who haven’t read Lisa Kleypas before, you are going to enjoy the book immensely. Her writings are absolute magic! And she has woven the same kind of magic in this book too. You can actually feel the words she writes. But having read most of her work I obviously expected a lot more from the book.

To begin with, apart from her looks, I couldn’t fathom what attracted Joe to Avery in the first place. Yes I know she’s sexy and all, but she cribs about her full figure the entire span of the book. And yes she had her heart broken in the past and I feel for her but her indecisiveness about Joe just made me plain mad. Also I hate to say it but the zing that makes a Kleypas couple unforgettable is missing from their chemistry. It’s too straightforward. Usually you find some kind of catch in her books and that is sadly lacking in this one. But it doesn’t make the book any less fun. Just more light hearted and less teary.

Apart from Joe and Avery, there’s more romance going on in the story. And unfortunately the suspensive nature of Sofia’s love life had me more invested in the book. We also see the rest of the Travis clan and I loved every second I got to read of them. I say clan because despite being practically the Texan royalty they are a proper family who love and care about each other deeply. And we get to see that in the book as they come together for the good as well as the hard times.

In all, I would say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a light, fun and romantic read but equally difficult to rate. So I’m going to go ahead and give Brown Eyed Girl 3.5 to 4 stars.


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