Queen – Review

Rating : 5/5

Hello everybody! Yeah I’m going to review a movie for a change. As I re-watched Queen I realised I must really write a few lines about it. Not only because I LOVED the movie but also I wanted everyone to be aware of it. It’s not every day one comes across such a gloriously distinguished movie which is not a yet another remake of some foreign movie. Jilted at the alter or not, this is one feel good movie that every girl must watch. In fact everyone must watch. This is a journey of self-discovery.


Vikas Bahl has created a master piece which is going to be a benchmark in the Indian cinema for the time to come. Despite the story line being quite simple the screenplay is unexpectedly phenomenal. I actually almost didn’t watch the movie but I’m super glad that I did. Just a day before her wedding, Rani Mehra aka Queen (brilliantly played by Kangana Ranaut) is unceremoniously dumped by her fiancé Vijay (Rajkumar Rao) for being too ‘Behen ji’ type for him ( a kind of derogatory for unfashionable homey girls). Instead of sitting at home and wallowing in self-pity she resolves to take matters into her own hands and goes for her honeymoon sans the husband.

can't marry

Rani lands in Paris only to receive a huge culture shock as the land, the food and everything else is bewildering to her. Brought up in a middle class family and have always led a sheltered life, it is quite expected. But instead of cribbing about it she takes it in her stride which shows her open mindedness. Enter Vijayalakshmi (Lisa Haydon), the stunning and warmhearted waitress who helps Rani adjust to the new place. She tours around with Rani, takes her shopping and helps in every possible way. Lisa Haydon is just smashing with the right amount of Bohemianism and affection in her. Her selfless willingness to help Rani out makes me hope that we are not really coming to at an end of humanity after all.


Feeling emboldened, Rani leaves for Amsterdam where she finds herself sharing a room with three men – a Japanese, a French and a Russian. Although startled at first, she gradually befriends them. In spite of their different origins the four of them form such bond that is rare to see even in real life. The quartet goes on to have many adventures, some really bone tickling ones. She finally returns to India a hell lot more confident and self-reliant person.


The entire supporting cast has done justice to their characters marvellously. From Chinmaya Agrawal (Rani’s kid brother Chintu) who staunchly supports his sister till the end to Rajkummar Rao as the wimpy regressive hypocrite of a fiancé. But Kangana Ranaut is the one who takes the cake. Watching her as Rani is a complete delight. She has belted out such a nuanced performance that it makes you feel for the character.

What truly made me love this movie even more are the various instances where Rani remembers all the tiny ways Vijay tried to suppress her in the past and how steadily she overcomes that suppression. It not only gives her great confidence but she also realises the fact that she can live her life the way she wants to. And regardless of all the circumstances, she remains her down to earth self throughout the movie.


As for the flaws I sincerely can’t come up with any. I might be biased but it’s difficult to find a fault in such perfection. On the music front, Amit Trivedi has done an excellent job! All the songs are beautifully woven into the story. The movie opens with a bang with ‘London Thumakda’ and gives viewers a glimpse of a true Punjabi wedding. Another great one that makes you groove to its rhythm is ‘O Gujariya’. But the song that had me humming for weeks is the remixed version of an old Hindi song ‘Hungama Ho Gya’ – the ultimate party song. (This song was shot at a club called NL in Amsterdam and it’s the first time a Hindi song was played there.)

So yes! I will give Queen the well deserved five stars! I hope you watch the movie and enjoy it too. Thanks for dropping by and have a great day! 🙂

NOTE : If you do not enjoy a movie without some action sequence then give this a miss instead of proclaiming it as dull!! 😛


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