Harry Potter Custom Covers

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Hello everybody!! I have been literally dying to show you my Harry Potter books but I never got the time to click pictures (being too lazy and all). Finally I did it and I believe it’s very aptly timed, it being Harry and J K Rowling’s birthday this week. The books were actually gifted to me by my very awesome friend who’s also a crazy Potter fan. Again thank you so much babe.. ❤


The plan was to get custom covers for my books and when I found out I proposed to make the designs for the covers and the spines myself. After loads of searching I came up with these designs. My favourite part are the spines especially the symbolic representation of each book – glasses and the scar, an owl, a dog, triwizard cup, a phoenix, a ring and the symbol of hallows.


Since the books were bought independently I also made a box for them. And that picture is from an old magazine cover. If I remember it correctly then I think four five of my classmates gave their copies of the magazine to me just so that I could add to my HP collection!


Here’s what the front cover looks like. As you can see, I added J K Rowling’s signature and the symbol of Hogwarts to them. I chose the Gryffindor colours – red and gold as the red just makes them look magnificent. I just LOVE them! I also found this Ravenclaw themed set which looked quite wonderful.

I’m adding the templates of the covers down below in case you would like to have them made. I hope you liked them and thank you so much for dropping by. Love you all!! 🙂


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