Seven Spectacular Book Nooks

We all book lovers have some place or another where we can hide from the rest of the world and escape into the magical realms of our books. Mine happens to be a spot on my terrace and it provides quite a view. Or when its raining I love to sit in the balcony with my book and a hot cup of tea. This phrase always sidetracks me from my original course. I mean why is the cup hot and not the tea? Is that even correct grammatically? But you would have to agree that the given phrase sounds more comforting than a cup of hot tea.

Without meandering any further, these are some of the amazing book nooks I would love to add to my home some day..


When you want to feel like a Disney princess in a castle.(source)


In the lap of nature..(source)


Can there be ANYTHING more magical?(source)


Bright and comfy, it’s a perfect spot for kids. Or anybody for that matter..(source)


If given a chance I would always opt for an outdoors reading session.(source)


The sun, a pet and my favourite book..(source)


This looks so cozy and warm, I could read and sleep all day long..(source)


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