Handmade Card – ABC of You & Me!

img_20150325_123333625A couple of years back I saw this gorgeous diy titled Alphabet of Love. It inspired me to make one of my own for my friend’s birthday. It’s one of the easiest and the most affordable diy you could make. And with the selection of right words you can make it very meaningful too. The materials that I used are:

  • Craft sheets (4×3 inches)
  • Printed papers
  • Sketch pens/ coloured pens
  • Ribbons
  • Puncher


For the final touch I used a ribbon to keep it collected. Since I cannot show you all the pictures, here are some of the adjectives and such that you can use. But I would suggest you to use instances from your life to make it more personal and that way the receiver will also appreciate it more.


A: Anniversary, Always, Amazing, Awesome, Adventure, Amusing, Adore,

B: Be mine, Best friend, Boyfriend, Brother, Beautiful, Brave, Bright, Brilliant

C: Cuddles, Crazy (in love), Comfort, Charming, Cherish, Compassionate, Creative

D: Damn hot, Devoted, Desire, Darling, Dad, Dreams

E: Enchanted, Eternal, Excellent, Every single day, Engagement,

F: Fabulous, Fantastic, Favourite, Fun, Funny, Faith, Friendship, First kiss

G: Gorgeous, Gentle, Great, Grand, Generous, Grandpa, Grandma, Girlfriend

H: Hugs, Heart, Happiness, Helpful, Handsome, Humble, Humorous, Honest

I: I love you, Incredible, Ineffable, Intelligent

J: Joyful, Jokes, Journey, Joker

K: Kind, Killer (moves/ smiles), Kisses, Knowledgeable

L: Loyal, Loving, Love story, Lazy, Long distance, Laughter, Lifetime

M: Mum, Marriage, Magic, Memories, Mine

N: Naughty, Never ending, Near

O: Outstanding, Original, One and only, Other half

P: Perfect, Pillar, Pretty, Precious, Promises, Passion

Q: Quirky, Quick witted, Quiet time

R: Romantic, Remarkable, Rare, Reliable, Respect

S: Smart, Spectacular, Splendid, Stellar, Sweetheart, Smitten, Smiles, Sis

T: Trust, Together, Tough, Tickle, Tender, Thankful, Terrific, Touch (my heart), Thick and thin

U: Us, Understanding, Unbelievable, Unique

V: Valentine, Vivacious, Vows, Vibrant, Vital (part of me)

W: Wonderful, Witty, Walks, Warm, Wishes

X: eXtremely (cute/ hot/ handsome/sexy), eXtraordinary, xoxo

Y: You, Yummy, Yours

Z: Zing, Zesty

Thank you for dropping by my blog and I hope you enjoyed the trip..:)



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