Harry Potter Miscellaneous Facts

Yesterday I was reading a Harry Potter post by Jonathan and Aaron from Husband&Husband. And every time I come across anything HP related it gets me super excited. So after reading that I was completely compelled to compile a list of some pretty awesome facts. I’m sure most of you Harry Potter fans must be knowing these already but it will be a treat for those who don’t..:)

  1. Starting with my favourite, the character of Severus Snape was loosely based on Rowling’s chemistry teacher, John Nettleship. Apparently he was horrified when he found out and said, “I knew I was a strict teacher, but I didn’t think I was that bad.
  1. The very first thing that Snape asks Harry is, “Potter! What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?” According to the Victorian Language of Flowers, asphodel is a type of lily meaning ‘my regrets follow you to the grave,’ and wormwood means ‘absence’ and symbolizes bitter sorrow. This translates to, “I bitterly regret Lily’s death.”
  1. Alan Rickman, the actor who played Professor Snape, was the only one who knew early on the series that Snape was in love with Lily. As J. K. Rowling believed that he needed to understand where the bitterness for Harry came from.hp1
  1. Ron Weasley’s character originally swore a lot, but Rowling’s publisher wouldn’t let her use that sort of language because it would’ve been inappropriate for young readers.
  1. Natalie McDonald who appears on page 159 in Goblet of Fire, was a real person. She was a young fan suffering from leukaemia. A friend of her mother’s wrote to J. K. Rowling to ask her to write to Natalie. J.K. Rowling did not receive the letter  until after a holiday, and though she admits to fearing it was “too  late”, wrote back, telling Natalie what happens to each of the main  characters, only to find out from Natalie’s mother that she had passed  away. The two women began a friendship, and Natalie was thus added to the books as a tribute.
  1. J. K. Rowling named the driver and conductor of the knight bus (Prisoner of Azkaban), Ernie and Stanley, after her grandfathers.
  1. We know from the books that seven is supposed to be the most powerful magical number. And throughout the series we see a lot of things in sevens. Starting with seven–
  • Harry Potter books
  • years of schooling at Hogwarts
  • floors at Hogwarts
  • Weasley kids
  • horcruxes
  • snakes on the door to Chamber of Secrets
  • players in a quidditch team
  • locks on Moody’s trunk
  • Harry Potters in The Battle of Seven Potters (Deathly Hallows)
  • times Voldemort tried to kill Harry (Godric’s Hollow, over the Philosopher’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Little Hangleton, Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Battle of the Seven Potters, and Battle of Hogwarts in the Forbidden Forest)7-potters
  1. If a muggle ever came across Hogwarts, it will appear as an old ruin with a sign of ‘Danger Keep Out’ due to a number of charms and spells on it.
  1. The first and last words spoken by Dobby in the series is “Harry Potter”.
  1. Draco Malfoy also attended Fred’s funeral and stood at the back, careful not to be seen. According to Pottermore, “He’d never let on that he secretly thought the twins were quite funny, and he was truly sorry he’s been part of the reason that Fred died. He felt that way in regards to everyone that had been hurt and lost in the war, but he could barely get up the courage to go to Fred’s funeral, let alone anyone else’s. Draco would never tell anyone he was there, and George would never tell anyone he saw him cry, apologising to a headstone.”
  1. In Order of the Phoenix when Mr Weasley take Harry to ministry he rings the number 62442 which spells out ‘MAGIC’ when typed on a cell phone.
  1. J. K. Rowling wrote five pages of words starting with “Q” before deciding upon “Quidditch”. And here I thought I’m a perfectionist!
  1. The name of Hogwarts and its location were chosen by Rowena Ravenclaw, who dreamt that a warty hog was leading her to a cliff by the lake. She also came up with the ever-changing floor plan.HOGWARTS CASTLE – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal’s Islands of Adventure will provide visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience complete with multiple attractions, shops and a signature eating establishment.   This completely immersive environment will transcend generations and bring the wonder and magic of the amazingly detailed Harry Potter books and films to life
  1. JKR has said that Pansy did not end up marrying Draco because Rowling always hated her: “I loathe Pansy Parkinson. I don’t love Draco but I really dislike her. She’s every girl who ever teased me at school. She’s the Anti-Hermione. I loathe her.”
  1. People would often ask JKR how to pronounce Hermione’s name. In order to answer that, she had Hermione teach Krum how to pronounce it correctly (Goblet of Fire).
  1. In the movie Goblet of Fire, at around 06:15 you can see an elf riding on a llama who resembles Dobby a LOT.
  1. There’s a disclaimer in the credits of Goblet of Fire that says “No dragons were harmed in the making of this movie.”gof
  1. Speaking of credits, in Prisoner of Azkaban we can see a couple snogging away.poa
  1. A picture of Gandalf the Grey (Lord of the Rings) can be seen hanging in Professor Dumbledore’s study in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  1. Harry has green eyes. But it was not adapted on screen because actor Daniel Radcliffe was unable to wear contact lenses, due to an allergic reaction.

There were sooo many facts and trivia to pick from but I chose the most interesting ones. I think its time I pick my Harry Potter books again. I hope all of you enjoy these and please feel free to share some more magical facts. Thank you so much for dropping by..:)


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