Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot

royal wedding

Rating: 3.5/5

Hello my fellow bookworms! ‘Royal Wedding’ is the latest and eleventh addition to the beloved Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. For those who are still in the dark, this series is about an awkward but sweet teenager Mia Thermopolis who finds out that she is actually a princess of a scarcely known small European Principality of Genovia. Throughout the series we saw Mia go through the everyday difficulties of an average teenager plus the added baggage when you are a princess (etiquette classes, French classes so on and so forth).

This book picks up eight years later where the last book (Forever Princess) ended. Mia, now in her mid-twenties has completed her graduation and is running her own community centre in New York. It’s warming to see that she’s still close to all of her high school friends and it was really great to read about those familiar characters after such a long while. Especially my favourites – Clarisse Renaldi, Helen Thermopolis and Lily Moscovitz. One wonders what might happen if these three come together for an endeavour.

While Mia finally gets engaged to long-time boyfriend Michael Moscovitz – yep they are still together and going strong- there is a lot going on in the royal family. Although I do wish Michael had done something more romantic his idea for proposing was really old school. Apart from grandmere planning a lavish wedding, a cousin is trying to overthrow her father as the prime minister; also her father has a secret, a very cute daughter he’s been hiding for past twelwe years, which will definitely get them in trouble.

I have been a part of Mia’s journey since my mid-teens and I’ve loved her since then. But there are a number of things that left me very dissatisfied with this book. To begin with, for a twenty six year old, Mia is still a bit immature. Her thought process hasn’t changed much from when she was eighteen and some parts got quite frustrating for me to read through. Also there are not enough details about Mia’s mum, stepbrother and stepdad. A little more about her stepbrother would have been nice considering the last book was all around him. And then there’s the name of the book – Royal Wedding, and we hardly see any of it. just a few snippets and it’s over. I was so much looking forward to read about the wedding details but Ms Cabot just skimmed through all of it.

In all it was a fun read. It also introduced a lovely character and I hope we see more of her in the future books. For bringing back great memories and getting all the lovely characters back together I’m giving this book 3.5 star.


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