Seven Super Dads Of All Times

Happy Father’s Day to all the super dads out there. Here are some of my favourite fathers – fictional or otherwise.

Atticus Finch/ To Kill a Mockingbird


In the literary world Atticus Finch is equivalent to the best dad and the best role model. A lawyer and a widower, he parents his children Scout and Jem by himself. In times of Great Depression, he takes up the case to defend a black man who has been falsely accused of raping a white woman. He has a great sense of justice and equality and even when everyone in the town is against him he stands his ground. He also teaches his children that before judging a person one should see things from that person’s perspective.

Arthur Weasley/ Harry Potter Series


Although it’s Mrs Weasley who runs the family, but Arthur Weasley is a kind, compassionate father and a loving husband. They might not be rich but he gives his children the best he can and they all love him despite his eccentricities (his biggest desire is to find out how the airplanes fly). Harry Potter is also like a son to him and the burrow will always be a home for Harry.

Mr Bennet/ Pride and Prejudice


Many would consider him not to be such a great father but we must cut him some slack. He has to deal with five daughters and a difficult, high strung wife. Despite his shortcomings he can be humorous and deeply cares about his two eldest daughters especially Lizzie. Also, he allows them to marry for love which at that time was a fairly big deal.

Otto Frank/ The Diary of a Young Girl

otto frank

Of their family, Anne Frank’s father was the sole survivor of the holocaust. If not for him we wouldn’t know the story of Anne and what they all faced in hiding. He made his daughter’s wish ‘to go on living even after death’ come true. This is what he had to say regarding her writing, “I must say, I was very much surprised by the deep thoughts Anne had. It was quite a different Anne I had known as my daughter…And my conclusion is, since I had been in very good terms with Anne, that most parents don’t know really their children.”

Gerald O’Hara/ Gone With The Wind

Gone with the wind

Father of the famous southern belle Scarlett O’Hara. He loved his wife so deeply that he went insane after her death. Yes it was a bit extreme but which child wouldn’t look up to that kind of devotion? His love for his land and home – Tara which Scarlett inherited from him was the only thing that saved her in the end.

Albus Dumbledore / Harry Potter Series


He was a father figure or I should say a mentor to Harry right from the start. A kind and the most powerful wizard though rather quirky, he always guided Harry in the right direction and gave him sage advice. He tried to protect him as much as he could but also gave him encouragement to become the man that Harry did in the end.

R S Swar (My Dad!!)


His name is synonymous with the world’s BESTEST dad and I don’t think even a single man can equal him in any aspect. I’m yet to find something that he’s not good at. Yeah he’s got stern looks but behind that is a sharp sense of humour which a few might miss. He’s the most compassionate person ever; loved and respected by everyone. I’m thankful for having him as a father and I wish everyone to have nothing less than that. Happy Father’s Day!! 🙂


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