Favourite Quotes – Mine Till Midnight


I’m currently rereading the Hathaway Series by Lisa Kleypas and with every read I love it more and more. Here’s my favourite quote from Amelia Hathaway and Cam Rohan’s book Mine Till Midnight.

“Rohan’s fingertips drifted with stunning delicacy over her throat, behind her ear, pushing into the satiny warmth of her hair. “You are an interesting woman Amelia.”

Gooseflesh rose wherever his breath touched. “I can’t f-fathom why you would think so.”

His playful mouth traced the wing of her brow. “I find you thoroughly, deeply interesting. I want to open you like a book and read every page.” A smile curved the corners of his lips as he added huskily, “Footnotes included.”

I find the reference to a book extremely romantic. And this is what my Cam and Amelia somewhat look like, apart from their eyes of course..:)

Ian Somerhalder, Gotham Magazine, November 1, 2009            ian_somerhalder_the_vampire_diaries

gemma-arterton          PX*4090687


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