Handmade Card – First Birthday!!

Hello everyone!! How are you all doing? Today I’m sharing another card that I made for twins’ first birthday. It’s a two fold card and once again I mainly used wedding cards, craft papers, gift wraps and stickers to complete it. Here’s what the finished product looked like..


The front consists of some layering and ‘happy birthday’ cut outs. I used glazed paper for the little hangings and drew tiny somethings on them. I’ve also used tiny stones on few of them.


The inside of the first section and outside of the third section is to write some messages for them. Although one year old kids would or could hardly read it. I also added a few mickey mouse and all stickers to make it more sprightly.


A cute picture goes in the middle section of the card. Or you could write some more but I guess a picture would be a better option for children.


The last section included another cute PARTY banner. Plus some balloons, gifts and a yummy cake. I kept the card simple and bright. The part that I liked the best was the craft paper I’ve used on the outer edges. It makes everything look so colourful and pretty!!

Again thank you sooo much for dropping by the post and I hope you enjoyed it. Do share your ideas and have a lovely day!! 🙂


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