Handmade Card For Anniversary

Hello everyone..!! How are you all doing?? As you know I’m stuck with studies for a while and literally dying for some fun so for today’s blog I decided to go for something imaginative and colourful. I made this pretty card for a friend on her 2nd anniversary. She loved it and so did her boyfriend. I think it was the simplest and the easiest one that I have done. The things I used for making this:

  • Two A4 craft sheets
  • Old wedding cards
  • Printed sheets ( I didn’t  have any so I’ve coloured some normal A4 sheets and used pen cap as a stamp)
  • Scissors and fevicol
  • Ribbons
  • Puncher

I started with folding the two craft sheets into half and secured them together with a ribbon. All the cut outs used are from old wedding cards. I love the bow tie and collars.


Next, i pasted a simple handmade paper to write a message. Happy 2nd anniversary is written in paper cutouts and the picture is also on a cutout in shape of a frame (although the pic happened to be a bit bigger for the frame).  For the hearts I used potato as a stamp.


This is something I saw on pinterest- the hearts bursting out of an envelope so I made my version of the envelope plus it also contains another handmade paper for another short message. As u lift the red ribbon, there’s a similar space for a message on the right side. For the background I used the sheets that I coloured and stamped with a pen cap.


I made some tags for quotes and such and tucked them into a yellow envelope. The next one is my personal favorite part. I made a ribbon bow on the top and stamped hearts again with potato. The sheet was engraved therefore you can see it more clearly. I finished the card with writing tiny ‘be mine’ near every heart and it looked simply lovely.


I hope you like it as much as my friends did. Thank you for dropping by the post and do share your views. Have a great day!! 🙂 :*


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