Book Lovers’ Haven

Aloha book lovers!! I hope you are having the time of your life, unlike me. Here I am..stuck with study books for an exam this coming week. But that’s definitely not why I’m writing today. Well this last Sunday I went to Daryaganj, Delhi with my sister and a friend and got myself some pretty books. To those who don’t know, Daryaganj features one of the largest (or longest I should say) and most inexpensive book markets on Sundays.


A mile long pavement is carpeted with all kind of books – be it novels, coffee table books or study material and people from ages five to sixty can be seen thronging the area. As for the books, while majority of them are second hand or pirated stuff but you can also find the original books at very lower rate as compared to the market price. And believe me you can get books as low as for 20 rupees. Or you can even buy 1 kg of books for 100 or 200 rupees. I think its great blessing for people like us who love to read books but unfortunately cannot afford their high prices.  Apart from books, you can also find vendors selling stationary items, old coins or stamps and more similar stuff.


We decided to travel by the bus as it dropped us right where the market started. And we reached there by 12:30 and I’m guessing it’s the peak time because it was sooo crowded we could hardly move without shoving others around. Luckily, it was a very breezy cloudy day when we went there although the light rain did put a hamper on our progress by late afternoon. After that we had a great discussion regarding where to get the lunch from – Dominos or McDonalds. We ended up going to the latter and then back to home. And yep that’s me in green and white stripes..:P


Besides Dominos and McDonalds there are other eateries too like CCD and a number of restaurants. Also if your mood strikes to catch a movie there’s Golcha Cinemas which is one of the oldest cinema halls in Delhi. And if you are not a lazy bunch like us you can go and explore Chandni Chowk too. So if you ever happen to be in Delhi this is a must go place. Enjoy!!

Get directions in Google Maps


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